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16 August 2016 - Hout Bay SAPS: Media Release

Illegal Taxi gathering Consequences 
On Friday, 12 August 2016 the taxis of Hout Bay blocked the two entrances to Imizamo Yethu and the entrance to the Main Road Clinic. SAPS, Traffic and other role players assisted in addressing the crime. A case of Public violence, gatherings act and the road traffic act was opened and is investigated by the Cluster Task team. Two taxis were impounded and a case of Reckless and Negligent Driving was opened. The situation will be monitored by SAPS and Traffic. See more SAPS Media Releases>>

15 August 2016 - Theft of Brick Paving

Please be on the lookout for persons stealing pavers from the public parking /slip way that exists between Mariners Wharf parking and the Old SAPS / Skate board park building. Patrollers and Security / SAPS patrollers to please check in at regular intervals to monitor and alert HBNWatchcon to any further theft of our community property.
In the event that you do find someone there stealing pavers be careful to not confront them. Unobtrusively take pictures of the vehicle and licence plate and when out of view of the suspects call Watchcon on 021 7909333 so that we can arrange for them to be apprehended. Please forward any such pictures taken to Thank you for your assistance. 

12 August 2016 - Farewell to Lt. Col Mtakati

Message from The Hout Bay Community Policing Forum:
The Hout Bay Community Policing Forum would like to congratulate our Station Commander, Lt Colonel B. Mtakati, on being rewarded for his efficiency and effectiveness by recently being promoted to full Colonel.
With this promotion comes greater responsibility, and as such, Colonel Mtakati has been transferred to Khayelitsha to take over as Station Commander there. Khayelitsha's gain is Hout Bay's loss - working with Colonel Mtakati has been a pleasure, thanks to his fair, honest and conscientious nature and work ethic.
Colonel Mtakati will be missed, but we wish him all the best in his new role, and look forward to meeting his successor in the near future.
At present, Captain Lourens is the officer in charge at Hout Bay SAPS.
Message from HBNW:
Lt. Col. Mtakati has been a great asset to Hout Bay and the community has been fortunate to have someone of his calibre managing our area. We wish him well in his new endeavour and hope his replacement will be able to continue the work he has done, to the standards he has set.

HBNW Supporters assist in Fight against Crime

Our recent purchases (see above right) would not have been possible without the regular donations we receive from our members, as well as the ongoing support of loyal Hout Bay businesses such as Tintswalo Atlantic, Massimo'sHout Bay SupersparOakhurst SparCasareccio and Star Dot Toys in Mainstream Mall. Please support those who support us and give them your business.

 "Virtual" Patrolling - CCTV Monitoring Assistance

HBNW has spent the last 12 months reorganising and building capacity in order to meet the challenges our community faces.
The community CCTV network is expanding and with it the need for more persons to assist with screen monitoring.
HBNW is establishing a CCTV Patroller Group
If you are NOT currently a physical patroller or responder on the street, you can assist the Controllers in the HBNWatchcon control room monitoring the screens. Since HBNWatchcon is a security centre dealing with crime intelligence, applicants will need to be SAPS cleared.
So if you are an insomniac wanting to contribute to your communities safety,  please email Rod Panagos, HBNW Operations, on
HBNWatchcon Facebook Posts                           

5 August 2016 - ADT launches a New Community Patrol Vehicle

In their latest flyer ADT, main sponsors of HBNWatchcon for over 10 years, announced they now have a Community Patrol Vehicle solely dedicated to:
  • Monitoring and responding to HBNWatchcon incident requests
  • Linked to area Whatsapp groups
  • Assisting with community driven projects
  • Assisting and backing up CCP
  • Increased protection and visibility within the Hout Bay area
In addition they have recently donated 10 overview cameras to HBNW and sponsored two LPR cameras along Valley Road. More HBNW News Stories>>

2 July 2016 - Joint Strategic Workshop

On Saturday 2 July, several members of HBNW (Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch) EXCO and Management committee, together with key Hout Bay CCP (Community Crime Prevention) representatives met for a 5 hour Joint Strategic workshop at Riverside Estates, Hout Bay. The purpose was to jointly brainstorm and develop a master plan which would clearly outline an integrated approach to solve crime in Hout Bay, making it a better and safer place for all. This master plan will be used to provide a roadmap of projects to be implemented in the months to come.
The workshop was organised by Andrew Martin, newly elected Chairperson of HBNW, assisted by Liezl Schulte, HBNW Vice Chair. This was a commitment made by Andrew at the recent AGM to unite HBNW and CCP in a co-operative and and complementary (non-competitive) relationship, implement a new governance structure for HBNW as soon as possible and ensure that there is a tactical responder/patroller response to backup HBNWatchcon.
HBNW is very grateful to Riverside Estates for providing the venue and refreshments, Peter Thomas of Participlan Group Facilitation who facilitated the brainstorming session at no cost to HBNW and also to Heinrich Brumfield who presented an overview of PPS (Physical Protection System), an internationally recognized and accepted, tried-and-tested security standard that provides a coherent framework for all security analysis, planning, systems and components. This standard, called the PPS, is used by the most respected security specialists around the globe. More HBNW News Stories>>
Above: JJ de Villiers (CCP Ops Manager), Brad Geyser (HBNW Governance), Andrew Martin (HBNW Chair) Peter Thomas (Participlan Group Facilitation), Rod Panagos (HBNWatchcon Ops Manager) and Heinrich Brumfield.

28 June 2016 - City warns of Scam Artist fleecing residents

City Of Cape Town Media Release: The City of Cape Town would like to inform residents to be on the lookout for a scam artist posing as a City of Cape Town employee.
The City has received at least three reports from Milnerton, Claremont and Rondebosch of residents being fleeced of thousands of rands by a person claiming to represent the City as part of an electricity and/or water meter upgrade project. The person further indicates that pensioners are being prioritised for the upgrades and makes them part with significant amounts of cash on the premise that his colleagues will arrive the following day to complete the work.
The City can assure the public that the modus operandi described does not conform with our processes. Our field staff do not handle cash – all such transactions are done at the City’s customer centres or via the appropriate electronic channels.
While the City is currently rolling out an electricity meter replacement programme, the planned replacements are free. Each replacement has a notification number on our internal systems which the City call centre can verify should a resident enquire. In addition, we do targeted marketing and mailbox drops of any planned work to be carried out in an area. More News Stories>>

21 June 2016 - Handover of Wet Weather Gear to Imizamo Yethu Patrollers

At the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch (HBNW) AGM on 31 May an appeal was made by one of  the IY patrollers for wet weather gear to keep the patrollers dry over the winter period. 
HBNW appealed to all members to sponsor 100 jackets for IY and Hangberg patrollers, and also made an appeal on social media, and in the Sentinel on Friday 10 June. We are extremely grateful to our members, Hout Bay residents and businesses who supported this initiative, ensuring the required funds were quickly raised. In addition to the individual donations received, Thomas Electrical were very generous sponsors, as were Chapmans Peak Hotel. Unfortunately some of the donations are difficult to trace, as the bank references aren't always very clear. However we are making every effort to contact and thank those who donated.
Once the jackets had been purchased the threat of more bad weather and rain made it a matter of urgency to hand them over to the IY and Hangberg patrollers. At 17h00 on Monday 20 June, the wet weather gear was handed over at Hout Bay SAPS to IY Neighbourhood Watch patrollers. Unfortunately Hangberg NW members could not make the handover at such short notice.
Above from left to right:
Lawrence Skosana - Thomas Electrical employee; Norman Mzantsi - IY NW; Elliot Zakumba- IY NW; Vincent Sodlala - IY NW; Angelina Nyamunetsa - Community Cohesion; Rod Panagos - HBNWatchcon  Operations Manager; Mazotshwandile Sithunzi - IY NW; Sean Thomas - Thomas Electrical who, together with Chapmans Peak Hotel, were two very generous sponsors.
A request has been made by the patrollers for headgear to protect them when stones are thrown at them. Surplus funds collected will be used for these, as well as additional equipment required by these patrollers. More HBNW News Stories>>

HBNW Accreditation

During the course of 2015 Western Cape Government sent out correspondence for the Preliminary Registration for Accreditation of Neighbourhood Watch Structures. Subsequently, the Department of Community Safety also held public meetings throughout the Province during the month of January and February 2016 to explain and discuss Section 6 of the Western Cape Community Safety Act of 2013 which deals with the Accreditation of Neighbourhood Watch Structures.
During March 2016, approval was granted by the Head of Department of Community Safety to grant Provisional Accreditation to all Structures that have submitted their applications as part of the transitional phase in anticipation of the upcoming formal Accreditation process. HBNW is one of those who submitted their application for accreditation and this has been granted. Download the official letter here>>

Please Validate your HBNW Identity Card for 2016

It is a requirement under Clause 12 of the ‘Western Cape Provincial Constitution and Code of Conduct for Neighbourhood Watch Structures’ that we must ensure all identity cards are validated annually.
To be compliant with the Western Cape Province Constitution for Neighbourhood Watch’s, this Annual process is to be implemented immediately and we appeal to all members to comply. Find out how>>

Download a HBNW Debit Order Form 

HBNW members (especially those who cannot patrol or help in any other way) here is your chance to contribute. It's time for everyone to do their bit and help fight crime in our beautiful valley. Download this Debit Order form, fill it in and email the completed form to  Or check our bank account details and set up a  Debit Order or regular payment via Internet Banking. You can choose to donate to your area or to HBNW in general  (use "Watchcon" as a reference) or for a special project. And there are NO prescribed amounts! Whatever suits your pocket! 

Link to Suspicious/Wanted vehicles on BKMWatch website

Click here>>  Call Watchcon on 021 790 9333 if seen.
Crimes reported to SAPS - April 2014 to March 2015:
The good news is that, except for contact crime (rapes, muggings etc) where there were more reported cases during this past year than last year (2013/2014), the numbers for all other reported crimes have decreased.
  • The number of murders decreased, 
  • Malicious damage to property down 10% 
  • Property related crimes, such as House Break Ins, down 20%   
  • Theft & commercial crime down 5% 
  • The number of House robberies has also decreased  
On the other hand, arrests for crimes in which the actions of the SAPS members play a major part (pro-active policing) have increased. These are:
  • drug arrests 
  • arrests for being in the possession of stolen goods or dangerous weapons (up by 150 cases)
  • arrests for drunken driving (up by 20 cases)
Also the number of shebeens in Hout Bay has decreased from 128 to about 16, as a result of these SAPS operations. This has definitely had an effect on reducing the number of crimes committed in Hout Bay.

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Safety Tips
How to secure your home:
Hidden perimeter beams or sensors that trigger with minimal false alarms, along with obvious perimeter beams. On activation resident needs to react by turning on interior lights so that perps know they have been detected and calling Watchcon to initiate immediate response as opposed to delayed automatic response via SSP links. If the home is unoccupied the perimeter beams should turn on interior lights. For those that believe in outdoor lights, they should be bright LED lights attached to the house low down shining outwards to intentionally blind the perps and not general outside lights.
Always set your alarm on "Stay" when at home. Additionally dogs inside who will bark when they hear someone outside are also a good security alert.
We welcome input from our members so please pass on your security tips and, where relevant, we will publish them  and acknowledge the contributor. Read more tips>>

Other Security Tips:

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