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2016/2017 Beach Safety Project kicks off

Appeal from Tammy Matthysen, organiser of this years Beach Safety Project: 
Once again, this year, Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch will be joining other safety and security organisations, both professional and volunteer groups, in taking steps to ensure that accidents and opportunities to perpetrate crimes are eliminated in and around our beaches and adjacent areas.
The protocol that we developed over the years for beach patrols has worked well and we intend to follow the same pattern this year. However, we will hold a briefing session before the program is launched to refresh people's memories and address any concerns, especially for newcomers.
The programme will cover a 6-week period from the 7th December 2016  through to 18 January 2017.
If you are willing to participate in this important and rewarding exercise by giving 2 hours of your time to patrol the designated areas, on two,  three or four separate occasions, please send a message to with your name, cell phone number if you have one, and indicate which days and time slots you prefer.
Alternatively the roster is available on
You can start to book slots under the tab 'Schedule" -> Bookings
Or if you prefer, or there is a problm with the link, please email Tammy at with your selected timeslots and she will add you to the roster.
HBNW is inviting all local companies in the bay, to work together to keep our beach safe and support our locals and tourists who visit our beach over the holiday season. Local companies that assist in the program will be able to brand the beach and receive media coverage. Again if you can assist please email Tammy at
Already Tracy at Massimo's,, has offered a R100 Massimo VOUCHER to each PERSON that commits and completes TWO or more Beach Project patrols!!  Let’s make this year memorable – a community effort and, best of all, let’s make it fun! Find out more >>
Above: Tracy Orione of Massimo's with Tammy Matthysen of HBNW.  All Hout Bay security service providers are committed to keeping Hout Bay safe over the festive season. 

22 October 2016 - Hout Bay SAPS: Media Release

On Friday, 21 October 2016 at 15:30 members of Hout Bay SAPS received a complaint regarding a kidnapping with a firearm. The members acted swiftly and responded to the complaint. At the address in Hangberg, Hout Bay SAPS shift members conducted a search for the suspect and the firearm, during the search they found drugs hidden in a plastic bag inside a bin in the kitchen. The following drugs were confiscated; 4 bank bags containing 194 Tik packets and a big bag containing 100 mx tablets. The owner of the house, a male aged 45 was arrested for possession of drugs. He is due to appear in the Wynberg magistrate court on Monday, 24 October 2016 on drug charges. A case of kidnapping will be opened at Hout Bay SAPS. More SAPS Media Releases>>

ADT October Newsletter

 Overview of Crime in Hout Bay 

Housebreaking and thefts remain the area of concern in the area however it needs to be noted that there are a large number of gates and doors being left open, which is leading to opportunistic crime. Please ensure that all gates, garages and doors are closed.
Most households have invested large sums of money in alarm system to protect their families, yet only seem to use these when there is no one at home, ensure that you are able to set your alarm at night when you go to bed or certain areas while at home enjoying family time.
Community Patrol Vehicle
ADT sponsor CCP on a monthly bases to assist with admin costs and have recently launched a "Community Patrol Vehicle" solely dedicated to Hout Bay and in addition to our already dedicated Hout Bay armed response vehicles. 
In addition to the above ADT have also sponsored two LPR (License Plate recognition) cameras along Valley Road which have been installed already as well as two overview cameras in Beach Estates area, to assist as crime fighting tools in Hout Bay. More HBNW News Stories>>

29 September 2016 - Hout Bay SAPS: Media Release

On Wednesday, 28 September 2016 at approx. 10:15 members of Hout Bay SAPS visited a Liquor premises in Hangberg. After the visit they spotted a brick house of which the sliding door and gate was open, through the window they noticed a silver tray with dagga seeds and empty packets with tik residue. They knocked and called the owner, went inside and questioned him. They searched the area and found 12 zolle, 2 compressed crystal meth (tik packets) and 12 packets of dagga, two abalone and an undisclosed amount of cash. Two males were arrested for possession of drugs. The two suspects aged 21 years old will appear in the Wynberg Magistrate court on Thursday 2016-09-29 on the mentioned charges. More SAPS Media Releases >>

28 Sept 2016 - New Helmets and Tactical Lights for Patrollers

When the community responded generously to provide funds to purchase weather protection suits for the IY and Hangberg NW patrollers surplus funds were accumulated. In consultation with the patrollers as to what was needed to make their task easier and safer, HBNW purchased rechargeable Tactical Lights and helmets to protect the patrollers from persons who throw stones and bottles at the patrollers from dark alleyways between the informal structures.
Additionally it is hoped that the wearing of the distinctive blue helmets, clearly marked NW Patroller vests and the wearing of ID cards will quell accusations of residents being assaulted by patrollers. A legitimate patroller must at the very least be able to show you his NW Patroller Identity number card.
It has happened that groups of so called patrollers wait for the official NW patrols to end and then launch their own “patrols” to roam around assaulting and stealing residents cell phones in the name of the neighbourhood watch. 
Residents must treat these unidentifiable groups with suspicion and stay away from them. Law abiding residents should also be aware that criminals living in the area start rumours to discredit the NW patrollers to try and reduce or stop the patrols. Serious crime in IY has been much reduced through the efforts of the NW patrol volunteers. For your own and your children’s safety don’t believe and repeat rumours. Support your NW patrols. As unpaid volunteers they sacrifice many hours in order to make the community a safer place for you to live in. Read more HBNW News Stories >>
Pictured above left to right:
Vincent Sodladla (HBNW IY Area Leader), David Weader, Rod Panagos (HBNW Operations Manager), Pastor Philip Frans (HBNW Hangberg Area Leader), Captain Lourens (SAPS), Christopher Strauss, Norman Mzant

HBNW Supporters assist in Fight against Crime

We cannot continue to exist without the regular donations we receive from our members, as well as the ongoing support of loyal Hout Bay businesses such as Tintswalo Atlantic, Massimo'sHout Bay SupersparOakhurst Spar and Star Dot Toys in Mainstream Mall. All monies donated to HBNW are used for the many security initiatives undertaken by HBNW, to improve security in Hout Bay. Please support those who support us and give them your business. Read more about our Sponsors >>

 "Virtual" Patrolling - CCTV Monitoring Assistance

HBNW has spent the last 12 months reorganising and building capacity in order to meet the challenges our community faces.
The community CCTV network is expanding and with it the need for more persons to assist with screen monitoring.
HBNW is establishing a CCTV Patroller Group
If you are NOT currently a physical patroller or responder on the street, you can assist the Controllers in the HBNWatchcon control room monitoring the screens. Since HBNWatchcon is a security centre dealing with crime intelligence, applicants will need to be SAPS cleared.
So if you are an insomniac wanting to contribute to your communities safety,  please email Rod Panagos, HBNW Operations, on
HBNWatchcon Facebook Posts                           

20 September 2016 - Hout Bay SAPS: Media Release

On Thursday, 15 September 2016 at 18:00 a public meeting was held in Hangberg to address crime and other issues in the community. At this meeting it was decided that the community of Hangberg will assist SAPS in the fight of crime. On Friday and Saturday from 23:00 till 05:00 patrols were conducted in Hangberg, a group bigger than 100 people attended the patrol group. Members of Hout Bay SAPS made the following arrests; eight (8) arrests for possession of drugs and one arrest for dangerous weapon and one arrest for drunk and riotous behaviour. These patrols will continue to address the crime and improve the partnership between SAPS and the community.
See photo below of some of the Hangberg community members who attended the Imbizo and part of the drug haul on the weekend. More SAPS Media Releases>>

15 September 2016 - Hangberg patrollers get their Jackets

Thanks to the generous donations of many HBNW members and several Hout Bay businesses, including Chapmans Peak Hotel and Thomas Electrical, patrollers in Hangberg now have their jackets to protect them while on patrol.
Seen below from left:
Rod Panagos (HBNW Ops Manager), Pastor Philip Frans (Hangberg HBNW Area Leader) and Shaun Thomas of Thomas Electrical.
With the additional money donated into this fund HBNW has also been able to purchase Patroller Hard Hats and Tactical Lights with  rechargeable batteries for the patrollers in Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg. More HBNW News Stories >>

Please Validate your HBNW Identity Card 

It is a requirement under Clause 12 of the ‘Western Cape Provincial Constitution and Code of Conduct for Neighbourhood Watch Structures’ that we must ensure all identity cards are validated annually.
To be compliant with the Western Cape Province Constitution for Neighbourhood Watch’s, this Annual process is to be implemented immediately and we appeal to all members to comply. Find out how>>

Download a HBNW Debit Order Form 

HBNW members (especially those who cannot patrol or help in any other way) here is your chance to contribute. It's time for everyone to do their bit and help fight crime in our beautiful valley. Download this Debit Order form, fill it in and email the completed form to  Or check our bank account details and set up a  Debit Order or regular payment via Internet Banking. You can choose to donate to your area or to HBNW in general  (use "Watchcon" as a reference) or for a special project. And there are NO prescribed amounts! Whatever suits your pocket! 

Link to Suspicious/Wanted vehicles on BKMWatch website

Click here>>  Call Watchcon on 021 790 9333 if seen.
Crimes reported to SAPS - April 2015 to March 2016:
Except for Theft out of Vehicles and House Robberies the numbers for most crime types as reported to Hout Bay SAPS including House Break Ins (ie Burglaries at Residential Premises) have decreased.
  • House Break Ins, down from 381 reported crimes to 293
  • Theft out of Vehicles (TOOV) up from 271 reported cases, to 334 
  • The number of House Robberies has increased from 40 reported cases, to 51  
Check out this link for more information on the most current official SAPS Crime figures for Hout Bay.

More information available 

  • HBNW now uses Ttrumpet for Crime information, notifications & communication. Find out more >>
  • Login and check out our Crime Map and Monthly Ttrumpet maps and graphs under the Crime Reports Tab. 
Safety Tips
How to secure your home:
Hidden perimeter beams or sensors that trigger with minimal false alarms, along with obvious perimeter beams. On activation resident needs to react by turning on interior lights so that perps know they have been detected and calling Watchcon to initiate immediate response as opposed to delayed automatic response via SSP links. If the home is unoccupied the perimeter beams should turn on interior lights. For those that believe in outdoor lights, they should be bright LED lights attached to the house low down shining outwards to intentionally blind the perps and not general outside lights.
Always set your alarm on "Stay" when at home. Additionally dogs inside who will bark when they hear someone outside are also a good security alert.
We welcome input from our members so please pass on your security tips and, where relevant, we will publish them  and acknowledge the contributor. Read more tips>>

Other Security Tips:

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