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Who We Are?

Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch has been nationally recognised as an amazing success story, where the community has come together to actively combat crime in one of the most beautiful coastal areas of the Western Cape.
Hout Bay started experiencing an escalating rate of crime from 2000 onwards.  In 2003 the crime rate increased dramatically across all categories. Property related crime (i.e. housebreaking and theft out of vehicles) was skyrocketing.
 The Hout Bay Police worked extremely hard to try and hold back the ever-increasing crime wave but with their limited resources, they struggled to control the situation. Reported crime statistics just kept on rising. 
So the Hout Bay community took up the challenge. A meeting was convened and many hundreds of concerned residents effectively spoke with one voice - “enough is enough!”
From small beginnings, and with very little experience in how to develop and sustain an organisation directly associated with safety and security issues, our HBNW has flourished, with the support of some 3000 plus signed-up members and the backing of hundreds of active members - adminstrators, responders and patrollers.
27 Mar: HBNW receives Official Accreditation
Tonight HBNW was one of the first of 27 NW's across the Western Cape to receive their official accreditation at a ceremony hosted by Minister Dan Plato. 
Well done to all.↬ more
Call 10111 to Report Crime
Please remember the importance of reporting any crime to 10111 as well as calling Watchcon or your Security Service Provider or the local SAPS station.  Complaints must be logged by 10111 to allow for accurate records of crimes occurring in the valley which in turn ensures that appropriate/adequate SAPS resources are provided for Hout Bay.
10111 operators must provide a reference number to every caller allowing follow-up.  Remember that crimes that are not reported officially do not exist.  
Also, for any criminal incident, please make sure you also register a case at the Hout Bay Police Station..

Latest News 

23 Jun: HBNW - CCP Announcement 
CCP (Community Crime Prevention) and HBNW (Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch) have reached an agreement whereby JJ de Villiers (seen below with HBNW Operations Manager, Rod Panagos) will take on a volunteer operational controller role in the HBNW Watchcon control room. 
Andrew Martin, HBNW Chairperson, said he was extremely happy that recent negotiations had resulted in the two organisations working more closely together to further coordinate crime fighting initiatives within Hout Bay. JJ's expertise will increase the effectiveness of HBNW's Watchcon Control Centre, thus enhancing the role of CCP, which offers an active response to crime.
Keri Cross, CCP Director and founder, assured Hout Bay residents and CCP donors that JJ remains a full time employee of CCP and this additional responsibility will in no way affect his current CCP role, which has been a major factor in reducing crime in Hout Bay since the inception of CCP in 2015.
3 May: Feedback from the HBNW AGM 
At the HBNW AGM on Weds 3 May at Riverside Estates, outgoing Chairperson, Andrew Martin, who was also re-elected as HBNW Chairperson for 2017/2018, outlined the progress made by HBNW over the past year by going through his 5 goals for 2016/2017. 
As a step towards uniting and aligning HBNW and CCP, Andrew Martin was recently appointed a director of CCP and all future plans will ensure a close working relationship between the two organisations.
A joint Safety Strategic workshop for Hout Bay was held in July 2016 and the outcome of this workshop has formed the basis of a Hout Bay Joint Safety Plan to “Detect”, “Alert” and “Respond” to criminal activity.  ↬ more
Rod Panagos, left, receives the Bruce Taylor Trophy from Andrew Martin at the recent HBNW AGM.
27 Mar: Crime feedback for the past year from Hout Bay SAPS 
At the HBNW Exco meeting on 5 April 2017 Capt Lourens, standing in for Station Commander Lt Col Nebhisi, who is on leave thanked the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch and local SSPs for assisting SAPS in keeping crime figures down in Hout Bay. Although the official SAPS crime statistics for the year April 2016 to March 2017 will only be released later this year Capt Lourens was able to pass on the good news that there was a decrease in crime in Hout Bay in every category.  ↬ more

  HBNW Sponsors

HBNW would like to thank ADT and ALL of our sponsors for their on-going support which enables the various projects and purchases that make Hout Bay a safer place for all. ↬ more

Riverside Estates - loyal supporters of HBNW.
Riverside Estates, Guest House, Conference Centre and Wedding Venue, cnr Valley & Welbevind Roads has long been a supporter of HBNW, hosting many fundraising Dinner Dances & get-togethers, as well as the HBNW AGM, every year since 2011.
And in 2017 Riverside Estates is also hosting our monthly HBNW EXCO meetings. Please support them!

HBNW signs Fibre Agreement with SA Digital Villages.
The start of a new era for HBNW - SA Digital Villages is bringing fibre to areas in Hout Bay where there isn't already fibre! ↬ more

SAPS Media Releases

Have you ever wondered why SAPS are under-resourced? 
There are many reasons but the main one is UNDER-REPORTING OF CRIME TO SAPS.
Reporting crime is very important but unfortunately many people feel that it often isn’t worth the effort. 
Yes, it will take up some of your time, but it is also your duty to those around you to do so.
If you do not report your crime you are allowing the criminal continue to repeatedly commit the same crime but government will allocate resources to where crime is reported and where they feel it is most needed.
SAPS has provided us with a detailed description of how to report a crime and we list a few points that we feel are important below:
Condition/Service Description:
This service is provided to any person who is a victim of crime.
SAPS will open a case docket and investigate the crime, effecting arrests of suspects and presenting the case to courts for prosecution  ↬ more
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Be Cautious when Selling Goods On-line
According to Hout Bay Station Commander, Lt Col Nebhisi, there is a rising new crime trend in Hout Bay, ie fraud. It seems some Hout Bay residents who have sold items on various online platforms (ie Gumtree and OLX etc) have handed over the goods, but then never received any payment for them. Various tricks are used by buyers to convince the seller that they have deposited the cash, but after the goods have been handed over, the sellers discover the money was never deposited into their bank accounts. It is easy to falsify a "Proof of Payment" notification - please make sure any cash deposits or EFT transfers have indeed been cleared by your bank before you hand over the goods you wish to sell. 
Similarly, please check all references of people who quote you for work (renovations, building work etc) before handing over a deposit. There are also an increasing number of reports of people paying these deposits and then never seeing the contractor again, or having him disappear and they are left with a half finished job.
Check out this link for more information on the most current official annual SAPS Crime figures for Hout Bay.

More information available 

  • HBNW now uses Link Communications for Crime information, notifications & communication.
  • Login and check out our latest Link Incident Maps and Graphs under the Crime Reports Tab.
How to secure your home:
Hidden perimeter beams or sensors that trigger with minimal false alarms, along with obvious perimeter beams. On activation resident needs to react by turning on interior lights so that perps know they have been detected and calling Watchcon to initiate immediate response as opposed to delayed automatic response via SSP links. If the home is unoccupied the perimeter beams should turn on interior lights. For those that believe in outdoor lights, they should be bright LED lights attached to the house low down shining outwards to intentionally blind the perps and not general outside lights.
Always set your alarm on "Stay" when at home. Additionally dogs inside who will bark when they hear someone outside are also a good security alert.
We welcome input from our members so please pass on your security tips and, where relevant, we will publish them  and acknowledge the contributor. Read more tips>>

Other Security Tips:

We hope you will find it informative and easy to navigate. As with all websites, there is plenty of scope to grow and develop the content and general functionality. 

We are always open to your ideas. Please contact us with your suggestions. Click here >>

Welcome! Hout Bay has a small village atmosphere and loves to welcome new people. A great way to meet people and to get involved in the community is to join Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch.
There are many ways to get involved. If you can't patrol, then there are other ways for you to contribute to the community. See how you can get involved.

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    Thank you to all who donate and assist us
We do not charge for membership and there is no expectation that members have to contribute financially. However we need to maintain the systems that keep YOU safe. So we welcome donations from residents and businesses alike. 
For more details on Area Safety Plans and the spending of area specific donations (ring-fenced funds) please contact your Area Leader.
Please help us to help you and make a donation today!
Reference "Watchcon" & your name/cell number 
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021 790 9333 or 082 883 6142

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Jan 2017: Are you feeling more positive about living in Hout Bay than you did a year ago?
I don't feel any different, one way or another
Yes - I'm even happier living in Hout Bay than I was a year ago
No - things are worse than they were a year ago

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Thank you for taking our last pollHere are the results:
What do you rely on to keep informed of crime in Hout Bay?
38.5% - Two or more of these options  
24.3% - I've joined a specific crime WhatsApp group for my area   
12.9% - I check the Daily Crime reports on this website 
11.4% - I check crime posts on Hout Bay Organised (HBO)  
10.0% - I listen to my HBNW radio  
 2.9% - I follow a specific Hout Bay crime page on social media 
 0.0% - I use Zello or OurHood or similar crime Apps 
70 responses

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