Link Installation and Usage

Installation guide

  • Android (at least version 2.3) or iPhone
  • You must be a registered Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch member. If you are not yet a member then click here to register
Step by Step Guide
  1. Make sure you have Watchcon’s mobile number in your phone contact list: 082 883 6142
  2. Install Link from the Android Play Store or iPhone App Store
  3. Run the app on your phone and enter your mobile number to register the device
  4. Set up personal details: (from main menu) Profile (top of screen) > Edit > Name / email / address 
  5. Add “HBNW Security” to your channels: Chats > Channels > (You can skip this step if your mobile number was registered with HBNW because your access has been granted already)
  6. Add Watchcon to your SOS message list: App Settings > Setup SOS button
  7. You can also add "Ward 74, City of Cape Town" to your channels and use this channel to report any problems in your area. 
How to use Link
Link is an app which has a fantastic set of features which you can read about at or click on the links below to see videos of how to use these features. You can also download this document with all the information.
This is Link!
This clip will show you how to use Link and familiarise yourself with several of the app's functionalities in just a few quick and easy steps!  
The Link Safety & Security Channel Feature
Get to know the Link's safety & security channel feature from setup through to user validations and input. Become an active player in Hout Bay’s safety today.  
Why change to Link ?
Group size
WhatsApp restricts the number of users per channel whereas Link does not. This makes it feasible for the HBNWatchcon controller to monitor all alerts in one group while also giving you the choice of what sort of alerts you want to be notified of.
WhatsApp has recently implemented end to end encryption but does not offer full encryption. This is particularly important with serious incidents where leaking information onto social media can have detrimental effects when it comes to prosecution of criminals. Our criminal justice system has enough of a challenge getting criminals convicted and does not need the “help” of social media to ruin a case. Members are asked to please treat information on Link as confidential and not share it on social media.
Incident Mapping and Categorisation 
One of the challenges at HBNWatchcon is communicating accurate information about an incident in the heat of the moment. Link’s incident reporting function allows you choose the type of incident that you have witnessed and send a picture (or video) along with a text description and your GPS location directly to the HBNW Controler.
Real time patroller tracking 
The “Tag Me” feature can be enabled to allow the HBNWatchcon controller to track your GPS position in real time if you are patrolling or responding to an incident. This is a huge advantage when coordinating a tactial response.
SOS function
The “SOS function” allows you at the push of a button to send an automated distress message directly to HBNWatchcon along with your GPS location in cases of emergency giving the controller instant notification that you need help along with your exact location and contact number. You can also add multiple recipients such as family or friends who will be notified simultaniously.

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