HBNW Daily Crime Updates: February 2018

Intended to keep you informed.
Information below is drawn from a variety of sources available to Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch, primarily the HBNW Watchcon radio network and the HBNW Security Channel on Link Communities, and is by no means a complete record of criminal activity in Hout Bay.
While every attempt has been made by the writers to ensure accuracy of the reports, they, and HBNW, cannot guarantee the reliability of all source material. Please do not copy this information to open (un-moderated) social media sites.
If you are aware of any errors or incident(s) that need to be logged, please contact us or send an e-mail to: admin@hbnw.co.za

The most recently published SAPS crime statistics from April 2016 to March 2017 were released in October 2017, as SAPS only releases official crime statistics once a year.  For an excellent crime analysis tool check out Crime Stats SA>>  For Hout Bay crime stats click here>>

For the HBNW 2017 Crime Map  Click here>>

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Summary: February 2018

Incidents reported via the radio network, telephone, Whatsapp etc and logged on our mobile HBNW Security Channel.  
For more details click here to learn more about our HBNW Security Channel on Link Communities and how to download it on your mobile phone.
Although the HBNW Security Channel on Link includes reports of suspicious people and cars, fires, medical emergencies, water leaks etc only incidents of criminal activity, as reported to Watchcon, are summarised here.
6 x Intruders on Property/Attempted Break In
2 x Hout Bay Heights
2 x Beach Estate
1 x Scott Estate
1 x Riverside
8 x Mugging/Robbery
4 x Harbour
1 X Scott Estate (ATM Scammers at  Shell garage)
1 x Penzance
1 x Beach
1 x Sandy Bay
3 x Break In
1 x Hout Bay Heights
1 x Beach Estate
1 x Disa
3 x TOOV
1 x Hout Bay Heights
1 x Scott Estate (Attempted)
1 x Chapmans Peak
3 x House Robberies
1 x Hout Bay Heights
1 x Penzance
1 x Baviaanskloof
1 x Car Jacking
1 x Harbour
1 x Shooting
1 x Village
Sep 2017: What is your greatest security concern?
Being the victim of a serious crime
Keeping my family and property safe at all times
Not knowing what crime is happening in Hout Bay
I donít have any security concerns

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