Beach Safety Project 2017/2018

It was another very successful end to the year with Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch once again coordinating with many other safety and security organisations to ensure the annual beach safety project was a huge success. There were HBNW patrollers on the beach every day from 9th December 2017 until 12th January 2018.
Hout Bay SAPS Station Commander, Lt Col Nebhisi attended the pre- season briefing at Dunes on Saturday 2nd December and thanked HBNW for once again taking up the challenge to assist in keeping Hout Bay's visitors and residents safe on the beach. And Tammy Matthysen, our fantastic Beach Safety project coordinator, ensured everything ran like clockwork.
A big "Thank You" to all the businesses who assisted with our Beach Patrol arrangements or sponsored vouchers for the many enthusiastic members who patrolled on the beach over the holiday season!
Also thanks to Paul, for providing the online booking facility, Fidelity ADT who were on the beach every day and Deep Blue for assisting by keeping the Patrol kit on their premises. 
Finally a special thanks to Dunes for the daily patroller drinks vouchers and to Massimo's who sponsored the end of season prizegiving and party with their "payitforward" pizzas. Well done to all the winners who spent many hours on the beach - 
Janette Bronchi, Ollie Atkins, Clive Seaton, Renate Henshilwood, Mari seaton, Heather Saunders, Chantel Atkins, Robert & Jenny Herbertson and Jamie & Tansie Pyatt.
A big thanks to Tammy Matthysen, our amazing Beach Patrol co-ordinator and all the HBNW members who spent around 430 man hours on the beach!

Beach Safety Project 2016/2017

Once again, this year, Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch joined other safety and security organisations, both professional and volunteer groups, in taking steps to ensure that accidents and opportunities to perpetrate crimes were eliminated in and around our beaches and adjacent areas.
The programme covered a 6-week period from the 7th December 2016  through to 18 January 2017. Many residents and members responded to our appeal for assistance in this important and rewarding exercise by giving 2 or more hours of their time to patrol the designated areas.
HBNW was supported by many local companies who offered vouchers and other incentives to entice members to participate, ensuring everyone was working together to keep our locals and visitors safe on our beaches over the holiday season.
HBNW would like to thank Dunes and Spiros for the daily drinks vouchers for our patrollers, as well as Hill's Pet Nutrition, Massimo's, Casareccio, The Hairdresser, Oakhurst Spar, HB Spar, Caltex Fresh Shop, Snoekies, Faceplace, Mariners Wharf and Barney's, who all supplied vouchers for many of our dedicated patrollers. 
Also thanks to Paul Herrmann,, for providing the online booking facility and ADT who were on the beach every day and Deep Blue for assisting by keeping the Patrol kit on their premises. Finally we would like to thank Pakalolo for hosting our "Thank you" Braai for the 2016/2017 Beach Patrollers,
At the end of this year's Beach Safety Project, this statement from our Hout Bay Saps Station Commander says it all: 
" Station Commander, Lt Col K Nebhisi would like to thank all the partners especially, NHW (ie HBNW) and Law Enforcement for the assistance during the Festive Season. Everyone that assisted in the planning and every beach patroller, this was such a success and no serious incidents were reported."
This assistance on Hout Bay beach allowed SAPS to concentrate their scarce resources on other areas, resulting in there being virtually no incidents reported in the Sandy Bay area this season!
HBNW would like to thank Tammy Matthysen for being the driving force behind the success of this years project. As our CPF Chairman, Toby Adams, said "Every time I was on the beach or drove past the beach, Tammy was there" Amazing dedication!
Above: Tracy Orione of Massimo's with Tammy Matthysen of HBNW.  All Hout Bay security service providers are committed to keeping Hout Bay safe over the festive season. 
Below: Left: K9 Solutions Patrol Dogs.  Right:  IYNW patrollers Uzola Mdatulwa and Norman Mzantsi - Courtesy John Harvey, Sentinel News. Read more >>
 A big "Thank You" to these businesses who assisted with our Beach Patrol Party or sponsored vouchers for the many enthusiastic members who patrolled on the beach over the holiday season!
Also thanks to Spiros and Dunes for the daily patroller drinks vouchers!
In addition to the many vouchers handed out at the the Thank You lunch, hosted by Pakalolo, Clive Seaton received his certificate for Top Patroller of the 2016/2017 season, while Ollie Atkins was awarded the "Man for all Seasons" award.

Beach Safety Project 2015/2016

HBNW members and Hout Bay residents once again volunteered time over the festive season to patrol Hout Bay beach as part of a regular SAPS initiative to keep residents and visitors to Hout Bay safe over this busy period. This was the 6th year residents have assisted in this way. 
Over the years this festive season project has grown to include SAPS, Lifeguards, NSRI, Law Enforcement, a variety of Security Service Providers, Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch and Community Volunteers.  This year’s project started on Thursday 4th December 2015 and ran through until Friday 15th January 2016.  Volunteers signed up for 2 hour shifts starting from 07:30 each morning.  By the end of the project these volunteers had patrolled approximately 118 hours.
HBNW would like to thank those who assisted, especially the small group of stalwarts who signed up for multiple patrols. In addition, thanks to Paul Herrmann for providing the online booking facility and Fiona Lunt who cordinated bookings and kept in contact with patrollers where necessary. Also Deep Blue for assisting by keeping the Patrol kit on their premises. See Gallery for many more pics>>

Community Policing Beach Safety Project 2014/2015

18 Jan 2015 - Zero Crime reported on Hout Bay Beach over the Festive Season

The Community Policing Forum requested Hout Bay residents volunteer time over the festive season to patrol Hout Bay beach as an extension of SAPS “eyes and ears” during the festive season, due to increased beach activity. This was the fifth year residents have assisted in this way. 

The festive season project includes;  SAPS, Lifeguards, Law Enforcement, a variety of Security Service Providers, Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch and Community Volunteers.  This year’s project started on Thursday the 11 th December 2014 and ran through until Sunday 18 th January 2015.  Volunteers signed up for 2hour shifts starting from 07:30 each morning.  By the end of the project the community volunteers had patrolled in excess of 406 hours.
Hooked on Africa Charters, Riverside Estate, Sorbet Hout Bay and Massimo’s sponsored prizes for volunteers who completed the most patrols and these were awarded to:
3rd Place (Massage from Sorbet Hout Bay and Meal vouchers from Massimos), Patrolling 44 hours, and doing rubbish collection along the way was Ellen Nortje
2nd Place (Riverside Estate accommodation voucher), Patrolling 66hours, Clive Seaton 
1st Place (Hooked on Africa Charter for 8 people), for Patrolling 80 hours, and walking more than 280kms along Hout Bay’s beaches during the festive season went to Nic Felmore, seen left with JJ De villiers, Hout Bay CPF Chairman. 
During the project Captain Lourens corresponded with the project administrators stating: “I'm glad to report that the Beach Project made a enormous impact towards the fight against crime.  From Lt Col Mtakati and myself thank you for the outstanding work done by each and every community member. This project is a huge success and I'm proud to work in a town with such positive people”
Captain Lourens and Warrant Officer T Lesch joined this seasons “wrap party” to celebrate the end of a successful beach patrol season and personally thanked all the volunteers, patrollers and administrators.  Report by Joanne Chemaly, Public Relations Executive - Hout Bay Community Policing Forum. 

Beach Safety Project 2013/2014

Message from Anthony Chemaly, Chairman of HBNW

As per the last few years, Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch again stepped up in 2013 to organize Beach Patrols for the holiday season to ensure the safety of residents and visitors to our beautiful village by the sea.
Saturday 7 December saw Gwenn Maine and Gary Miller take up the first beach patrol for this year. Thank you to those local business who contributed to putting together small ‘goody’ bags for the patrollers who attended the briefings. These bags included contributions from Hout Bay Curves, Oakhurst Spar, Hout Bay Sorbet, Medway, Dunes, as well as “HBNW Patroller” caps donated by ADT.
The support of all HBNW members is what creates the year after year success of this project, This year we were once again privileged to support SAPS, Law Enforcement, Metro Police, Lifesaving Western Province and our Local Security Companies, as ‘eyes and ears”, reporting to the ‘always there’ Watchcon operators any suspicious person(s), activities etc.
The project is instrumental in reducing opportunistic crime along the beach. In 2012 Watchcon reported 3 beach muggings. This project saw 2 muggings reported to Watchcon for the duration of this years patrols, which considering the increase in tourism and visitors experienced, indicates a very successful project.
It is, as is so often the case, with gratitude that I look to the members of Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch who so selflessly and often thanklessly work towards our proactive attempts to create a safer valley, a place to be proud of. Looking back at the success of this project, I am proud to be associated with a volunteer organisation that can so successfully orchestrate a project of this magnitude taking up in excess of 550 man hours to achieve.
A special THANK YOU to the 2013 Beach Project Team of Joanne Chemaly, Leanne Manten (HBNW joint Vice Chair), Frith Stables and Jo Pancaldi who spent huge amounts of time planning, organizing, e-mailing, meeting, cajoling and sometimes begging for support, shifts, sponsorship and all the other bits and pieces that made this years project so successful. Your collective volunteer efforts along with all the residents who selflessy gave of their time to do the patrols are the very foundation of what HBNW is built.

Beach Safety Project 2012/2013

Zero Incidents on the Beach again -  Report by Robert Herbertson

Neighbourhood Watch once again organised teams to patrol the Beach from 10.00am to 6.00pm over the festive season as a preventative measure against crime and disorderly conduct on the Hout Bay beach.
This year's efforts were notable for several reasons, the most important of which was that no crimes against persons or property were perpetrated during "Our Watch". HBNW cannot claim all the plaudits for this most satisfactory result, and, in particular, the presence of Law Enforcement officers in numbers, and the Life-savers prevented many of the incidents happening that were a source of concern from previous years. A total of 84 x 2 hour shifts for the HBNW volunteers were scheduled over the period, and not a single one was missed.

The beaches were more populated than ever before, which reflected as much on the almost perfect weather as on the beach attractions. Nevertheless, the division of the beach into three areas for the use of bathers and dog owners certainly improved the "Beach Experience" for both groups, and contributed in no small measure to the prevention of opportunistic "muggings" as a result of the dunes being populated by free-running dogs and their owners. To the people who so selflessly gave up their time to undertake the patrols, and who's commitment and attitude reflects so well on the spirit of the Neighbourhood Watch movement in Hout Bay, all the users of the beach amenities will surely offer a great big Vote of Thanks.

Beach Safety Project 2011/2012

Zero Incidents on the Beach over the holiday season - Sentinel 13 Jan 2012, by Lindy Nauta

Beach patrollers were invited to a small function in the garden of the Hout Bay Museum. In particular Tammy Matthyssen was highly praised for the efforts she put in throughout the entire duration of the project. Here she is with Julie Banham (chairperson of the HBNW), patroller Tom de Gale of Meadows and Mike Rigg of VenSec.
HBNW Beach Patrols have notched up another zero Incident holiday season for the fourth time since the project was started. Three weeks of back to back, two hour patrols by yellow-vested volunteers, from 10am to 6pm daily, with patrollers keeping an eye out over the visitors to the beach.
After Robert Herbertson setup the final roster, it was Tammy Matthysen who  coordinated the daily patrolling. She was tireless in her efforts to make the patrols run smoothly and spent every day of her holiday at the SAPS trailer on the Chapmans Peak of the beach. “Of the almost  forty volunteers who took part in the project, only one did not turn up”, says Tammy. She was also quite ruthless in summoning her friends to do a patrol when someone dropped out at the last moment, including Elroy Basson, paramedic, instructor and bodyguard at Ronin, my Boxing Day patrol partner. Even Warrant Officer Denzil Lesch volunteered to do a patrol, aside from his SAPS duties.
The four year-record of an incident-free holiday on Hout Bay beach almost went pear shaped on the very last day, when a young boy was found lying face-down on the edge of the sea. Well known Hout Bay surfer Danie Barnard realized immediately what that meant and Tammy radio’d WatchCon. They boy was taken to hospital for a few critical days of observation after his near-drowning.
Patrollers dealt mainly with overzealous revelers, wanting to enter the water. Louise Read of Helgarda, after several warnings, even waded waist-deep into the water to persuade an unsteady visitor to get out – which he eventually did. There were the odd suspects walking in between the sunbathers with eagle eyes, they were swiftly asked to move on by equally eagle-eyed patrollers. An injured seal, tangled up in fishing wire, caused quite a sensation with various organizations, including the NSRI, coming to its aid. Bathers letting their children play in the notoriously contaminated Disa River were advised to find another safer spot on the beach.
“The cooperation between the various organization was fantastic”, says Tammy. “SAPS provided the caravan as our base, Law Enforcement were constantly available (in particular Shane and Antoinette), Deep Blue Security stationed a guard at the hut, the NSRI were on constant standby, VenSec offered back-up and of course WatchCon were indispensable”.
The dangerous riptide along the rocks below Chapman Peak Drive meant that many bathers had to be warned rapidly not to enter the water there. Negotiations to obtain daily lifeguards to watch over that side of the beach are currently underway with the council.

A 2011/2012 Festive Season 'thank you' from Julie Banham, HBNW Chairperson.

Once again, Hout Bay appears to have had a bumper holiday season.  The beaches and harbour were exceptionally busy at times and some of our roads experienced considerable traffic jams on certain days at the height of the festive season.    

HBNW was privileged to be a part of the many plans in place to keep holidaymakers and overseas visitors as safe as possible throughout the entire holiday period.  I would like to say a big "thank you" to each and every NW member who participated in patrols - not only on the beaches and around the CBD and harbour areas, but on "eyes and ears" duty in their respective suburbs. The same goes for those members who responded, at all hours of the day and night, to specific incidents.  At a time of year when activities with family and friends often take precedence, it is highly commendable that so many members were still willing to do their bit.  

Neighbourhood watch was just a small part of the huge team effort by various organisations to ensure locals and visitors alike enjoyed all the good things that Hout Bay had to offer, whilst trying to keep criminal activity to a minimum. Utopia it is not, but we did aim to ensure that with the back-up and support of SAPS, Law Enforcement, Metro, the various security service providers, EMS, NSRI, Hout Bay Fire & Rescue, and other emergency organisations, we made a difference. Central to the efforts of all role players was, of course, our Watchcon 24/7 radio control room, manned by Kevin, Lutchiano, Steven and Theo.  What would we have done without them?

Hout Bay had its fair share of housebreakings, armed robberies, incidents of trespassing and theft out of vehicles. Neighbourhood watch and the other authorities make every effort to constantly patrol all areas but the safety of our homes, our families and our vehicles is always, in the first instance, the responsibility of us all as individuals.  
The Beach Safety Project,  which ran for three weeks from 15th December was, once again, a success and there were no reported criminal incidents on the beach during that period.  Two near-drownings did occur.  Also, three early morning/evening muggings in the dunes were reported but not during our watch.  The NW patrollers occasionally offered some friendly hints to beachgoers regarding safety in the water, dogs on the wrong section of the beach or leaving personal property unattended, and were usually thanked for their advice and their concern. However, our volunteers were occasionally on the receiving end of some rather curt replies.  Oh well....    

To the people of Hout Bay, your support of neighbourhood watch is paramount to helping us move a little closer to Utopia and a better life for all our communities.  To those who already do - thank you.  To everyone else - please come and join us.

Julie Banham, HBNW Chairperson


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