18 May 2018

A winter patrol along Hout Bay beach, launched to counter muggings and criminal activity on the beach, is paying off. Since the pilot project, initiated by Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch, was launched earlier this month, no incidents have been reported between the patrol times of 4.30pm and 6pm, Thursday to Sunday.
The patrollers are, at back, from left, Antoinette Picard, Carin van der Berg, Steve van der Berg, Debbie Spowart, Rob Picard, Clive Seaton, Mark Cowell, Jamie Pyatt and Ollie Atkins. In front are Tammy Matthysen (patrol co-ordinator), Jeanette Bronchi, Juli Lotter and Heather Saunders. Report and image courtesy John Harvey, Sentinel News.
04 May 2018

Report by JOHN HARVEY, Sentinel News,  May 4, 2018
A spate of muggings on Hout Bay beach has led to the launch of an out-of-season beach patrol.
The beach patrol pilot project, to run from 4.30pm and 6pm between Thursday and Sundays in May, is aimed at countering a recent crime spike along the beach.
The patrol will be driven by Tammy Matthysen, of Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch, who also oversees the Beach Safety Project over the festive season.
During the long weekend, several muggings and attempted muggings were reported to Hout Bay police, Watchcon control centre as well as security services.
On Thursday April 26, resident Jennifer Manikkam was taking her daily walk on the beach at about 6.15pm when she was approached by two men who had been sitting on the wide dune overlooking the beach.
“They caught me by surprise, given their silent and swift movement, and asked me the time. I replied and walked on, but before I knew it, I was encircled and asked for my cellphone. When I hesitated, I was shown a rather long sharp object,” she said.
“I threw my cellphone, and the taller young man picked it up and danced around with it. He then walked with his friend back to the dune.”
However, her ordeal was not over, and the friend then approached her and pointed a screwdriver at her stomach.
“At that moment, I screamed ‘help’, and ran into the sea for safety. The friend then looked, turned around and went away.”
Ms Manikkam said an elderly German couple had seen from a distance what had happened.
“They were so scared and asked me to give them a lift (once she had reached her car), which I did. I then went to the police station to lay a charge.”
She said Hout Bay police had told her that a man resembling one of the muggers had been caught.
But the police say no arrest has been made in this incident.
On Wednesday April 25, a man and his wife were confronted by two men on Beach Road.
“The suspects asked the time and demanded the man’s wallet. He handed an undisclosed amount of cash to the suspects. One 18-year-old male suspect and a juvenile were arrested,” said Hout Bay police spokeswoman Warrant Officer Tanya Lesch.
Warrant Officer Lesch said there had been another attack in the harbour precinct at 7.15pm on Thursday April 26.
“The complainant was approached by an unknown male in the bathroom. The suspect demanded the complainant’s backpack and ran away with it. No arrests have been made as yet,” she said.
“SAPS would like to urge the public once again to be more vigilant and not to walk alone on the beach or deserted areas. Valuables should never be visible,” she said.
On Monday morning this week, neighbourhood watch member Clive Seaton was walking on the beach when he saw a woman carrying a packet with a child in tow coming over the dune in the opposite direction, about 100m away.
“She was being followed by a guy dressed in black who was gaining on them. Spotting something out of the ordinary comes easily to me as I have owned a CCTV company and profile situations automatically,” he said.
Mr Seaton, who was carrying his neighbourhood watch radio, began shouting and called Watchcon on the radio.
“He (the man) saw us, stopped, turned and ran back in the direction of Harbour Road. I’m not sure what his intention was, but it was out of the ordinary as he ran when confronted. I know the law regarding incidents such as these, and he is innocent until proved otherwise.”
Ms Matthysen said the winter beach patrol project had already attained a full roster of volunteers.
However, she cautioned residents and visitors to the beach to be vigilant at all times.
“It is clear that no one should be going onto the beach alone after 6pm. It is just not safe anymore.
“If you look at the beachfront, there is dense shrubbery and thick bushes on Princess Street, places where it is easy for criminals to lie in wait. We are looking into the possibility of cutting some of this down,” she said.
She said there was no alternative but to have as many eyes on the beach as possible.
“We are still discussing other measures, such as law enforcement quad bikes patrolling the beach. We are also looking at establishing more CCTV cameras in the area. Deep Blue Security has also kindly offered to let us use their offices as a base for operations.”
Businesses or members of the public who would like to get involved with the out-of-season beach patrol can email
20 Apr 2018

Report by JOHN HARVEY, Sentinel News,  April 20, 2018
Murders have shot up in Hout Bay, and many gang-related attempted murder cases are withdrawn because witnesses are afraid, says the town’s police chief.
Station commander Lieutenant-Colonel Khuthala Nebhisi told Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch’s annual general meeting last week that murders had almost quadrupled, from four to 15, in the space of a year.
But burglaries and house robberies had dropped over the same period, from 315 to 303 cases and from 48 to 34 cases, respectively, and Lieutenant-Colonel Nebhisi said the watch could be thanked for that.
Were it not for you, these statistics might have been worse. I thank you deeply for your assistance,” she said.
Watch chairman Andrew Martin, who was re-elected unopposed at the meeting, said the watch wanted a strong partnership with the Community Crime Prevention (CCP).
He said they hoped to implement “governance structures” soon and improve local emergency control room Watchcon’s capabilities.
“We have brought together HBNW, CCP and other crime-fighting organisations under an integrated plan, while we have also revitalised sponsorship for HBNW,” he said. “ADT has not only bought into our new vision but also come to the party with money.”
The watch had partnered with the Hout Bay Community Improvement Association (HBCIA), which sources funding for local crime-fighting agencies.
Rod Panagos, in his operations report, said the watch had asked more than 70 guest house owners to warn their guests to be vigilant in Hout Bay.
“We have also reached out to residents in Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg, and organised a total of 210 training sessions” he said. Training included fire safety and first aid.
In her financial report, Theresa van As said corporate donations had been stable, but individual donations had dropped off in the past year.
Tammy Matthysen received this year’s Bruce Taylor Award for her work on the Beach Safety Project. This award – named after a watch member killed in motorbike accident in 2007 – is given annually to someone deemed to have made a meaningful contribution to the watch.
Left: Tammy Matthysen receives a certificate of appreciation and the Bruce Taylor Award from Meryl Butt and Brad Geyser.
Right: Wesley Corbett is thanked for his crime-fighting efforts in Llandudno. Presenting him with his certificate of appreciation is Brad Geyser.
Pics courtesy John Harvey, Hout Bay Sentinel. See more pics in our Gallery>>
17 Feb 2018

At a  certificate ceremony and community braai hosted by the Hout Bay Community Policing Forum (CPF) at SAPS Hout Bay on Saturday 17th February, HBNW (Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch) distributed certificates to acknowledge the patrollers who successfully completed their training during 2017.
Approx. 66 patrollers, mainly from the communities of IY and Hangberg, attended the event. HBNW, in collaboration with Western Cape Department of Community Safety (DOCS), enabled the delivery of 9 courses during 2017 to cover Basic Neighbourhood Watch training (2 days), Basic First Aid (2 days) and Basic Fire Fighting (1 day). A total of 188 community patrollers successfully completed all or selected courses.
During 2017, HBNW also partnered with HBVEMS (Hout Bay Volunteer E.M.S) to deliver the lifesaving EFAR (Emergency First Aid Training) program to community patrollers across Hout Bay. This course teaches valuable first aid skills and allows the volunteers to integrate their reports on the scene with existing emergency services and thus provide a more holistic response to a medical emergency which could prove the difference between life and death. The pilot course which was attended by 20 community patrollers was very well received and we are gearing up to deliver more of these courses in 2018.
Continually providing opportunities for on-going skill development for our community patrollers is critical for Hout Bay.
Thanks to Linda Lloyd for the pics and to Warrant Officer Tanya Lesch for her assistance.
Above: Matthew Rossenberg (HBVEMS) with patrollers from IY and Hangberg
Above: Patrollers from IY and Hangberg with Rod Panagos (HBNW), Liezl Schulte (HBNW), Toby Adams (CPF)
03 Feb 2018

Thank you to Massimo's for generously hosting our end of project get together! Once again our patrollers did us proud. 
A big thanks to Tammy Matthysen, our amazing Beach Patrol co-ordinator and the many HBNW members who spent around 430 man hours on the beach. Well done to all the winners who topped the leaderboard for hours on the beach:
Janette Bronchi, Ollie Atkins, Clive Seaton, Renate Henshilwood, Mari seaton, Heather Saunders, Chantel Atkins, Robert & Jenny Herbertson and Jamie & Tansie Pyatt.
A big "Thank You" to all the businesses who assisted with our Beach Patrol arrangements or sponsored vouchers for the many enthusiastic members who patrolled on the beach over the holiday season!
Also thanks to Paul, for providing the online booking facility, Fidelity ADT who were on the beach every day and Deep Blue for assisting by keeping the Patrol kit on their premises. 
Finally a special thanks to Dunes for the daily patroller drinks vouchers and to Massimo's who sponsored the end of season prizegiving and party with their "Pay It Forward" pizzas.
01 Feb 2018

As you know Day Zero is something that has a high potential of becoming a reality when access to clean, safe water will become problematic. 
It’s important to not get into a total panic mind set and start thinking that society will collapse like some American Prepper horror movie. 
CoCT is working with government, businesses and local community safety organizations to make sure we all get through this tough period as comfortably as possible whilst adapting to the new reality of not having as much water as we previously did. 
As part of CoCT’s Day Zero disaster management planning SAPS in conjunction HBNW has been tasked to identify existing natural water collection points in and around Hout Bay so that they can prepare management plans for such points. 
We are already aware of some natural springs and river access points however we are calling on members who are aware of any watering points to please let us know where they are and whether they have any risk such as pollution attached to them. 
Please send information re these watering points via email to
If you are a Google Earth user you can send the screenshot with the location pinned thereon. 
If you are a borehole or well point owner willing to allow HBNW / CoCT members controlled access for purposes of water extraction, please contact me via
Please note that your property will not be used as a public collection point. If you have water purification systems installed please detail this and its capacity. 
Rod Panagos
20 Dec 2017

As we reach the end of another busy year we would like to wish all our members a safe and happy festive season with their families and friends. 
Thanks for your on-going support during the year and especially to all our loyal Hout Bay businesses who continue to support us throughout the year. 

As we close our 12th year of existence we would like to brief our members on some of the highlights of this past year. It has, in many ways, been a very exciting year for the HBNW management team, culminating in the launch of the Hout Bay Community Improvement Association (HBCIA) on 30th November. 

HBCIA is a new initiative to centralise all crime fighting efforts in Hout Bay under a central umbrella body, by providing the vital fundraising and governance roles to support the efforts of the partner organisations. At this initial launch for Security Estates, HBNW Area leaders, Business supporters, Safety and security stakeholders and supporting NGOs there was very strong support for the HBCIA initiative. More public meetings will be held in the new year. You can read John Harvey's full report of the launch as it appeared in the Sentinel in this News Section on our website where you can also download the HBCIA brochure for more information. 

To assist the HBCIA role players to fight crime in Hout Bay an Integrated Community Safety Plan has been developed to Detect, Alert and Respond to crime. This plan provides a detailed roadmap, driven by the community, to suppress crime and improve community safety. It interlinks ALL these community safety role players and defines how we work together. All role players including HBNW, CCP and CPF will be able to access a variety of supporting technical systems, with HBNW Watchcon providing the central communication centre, at the heart of it all. 

Updates from some of our many activities and projects this year: 
  • SADV HBNW Community Safety Fibre Project. This fibre initiative has gained traction and more and more areas are coming on board. SADV will also carry the data from hundreds of Community Public Viewing CCTV cameras back to HBNWatchcon for free. If you need fibre in your area please contact Rod Panagos on to find out how your area can benefit. 
  • Digital radios which provide significant advantages when joint responses need to be managed have been issued to first responders using the HBNW radio network, including SAPS and CCP. 
  • License Plate Recognition technology continues to play an important part in the fight against crime in Hout Bay. We continue to engage with the City of Cape Town for additional funding for cameras in key identified locations. 
  • An operational coordinator role in the HBNWatchcon control room is critical to ensure that an active response to incidents is coordinated within Hout Bay. JJ de Villiers from CCP took on this role in a volunteer capacity this year to support coordinating crime fighting initiatives between response partners. 
  • Thanks to community donations we were able to bring a new Community Controller on board. 
  • Safety and security skills for our patrollers are critical and over 100 NW members including patrollers from IY and Hangberg have attended Basic Neighbourhood Watch, Basic Fire and/or First Aid training offered by DOCS, Department of Community Safety. 
  • HBVEMS & HBNW have partnered to bring EFAR (Emergency First Aid Responders) to Hout Bay. This was piloted when the first 20 patrollers from our community were trained in EFAR - first aid that’s integrated into the community and the formal response systems in our community. 
  • HBNW members played a critical role in assisting the various law enforcing entities during periods of unrest in Hout Bay this year, as well as during storms and other weather related emergencies. HBNW would like to thank SAPS, Law Enforcement, Metro Police, Disaster Risk Management, City Traffic, Fire Department, Metro EMS and Volunteer Medics and very importantly those HBNW volunteers, CCP and Security Company Members who went out of their way, placing themselves at risk to keep our communities safe, clear up blockages and restore calm and peace wherever they could. Most importantly, they kept us informed through HBNW Watchcon and Social Media as to what was happening and the hot spots to avoid. 
  • A number of areas across Hout Bay have completed or initiated Special Rating Areas/Community Improvement Districts in their area to provide sustainable funding into the future which can be spent on safety, security and other key initiatives in their areas. 
Our ongoing projects: 
  • We need to continue to ensure that HBNWatchcon has the best equipment and up to date resources to support the coordination of any type of response. 
  • Managing the on-going maintenance of cameras and the camera network. 
  • Training and upskilling of our Watchcon operators. 
  • Our Beach Safety Project 2017/2018 is in full swing and once again has attracted a lot of interest and support, thanks to the drive and determination of Tammy Matthysen, Beach Project Administrator. Thanks to all members who volunteer their time to patrol and to the many Hout Bay businesses who support our patrollers. 
As always we need your ongoing support! You can choose how to assist. 
  • Continue to DONATE funds to Watchcon as well as your local area initiatives. 
  • Support the Fibre project - Still need fibre in your area? Email 
  • Share your skills – Would you like to support marketing or other exciting projects? Email 
  • Get behind the SRA (CID) initiatives in your area. SRAs will ultimately provide the vehicle to finance all these initiatives, replacing the ongoing reliance on donations by providing sustainable funding for all HBCIA role-player initiatives. 
We wish all our members a safe and happy festive season. 
08 Dec 2017

Report by JOHN HARVEY, Sentinel News, Dec 12, 2017
A new umbrella body aims to co-ordinate crime-fighting efforts in Hout Bay so that criminals will “live in fear” and incidents can be prevented before they happen. 
The launch of the Hout Bay Community Improvement Association (HBCIA) last week is being viewed as an important step in the fight against crime at local level. Rather than public and corporate donations being directed towards individual safety and security initiatives, as is currently the case, funds will be accumulated by the HBCIA and distributed to these organisations as needs arise. Download an HBCIA Brochure>>   
The launch of the association is to streamline and structure the fund-raising process so that resources can be spread more effectively.
Rather than Community Crime Prevention (CCP), the Hout Bay Community Police Forum or Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch (HBNW) competing with one another for much-needed funds, these will now be gathered by the central body and distributed according to a crime prevention budget.
By centralising collections, the association will be able to put four to six specialised response teams on the ground 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Full-time tactical controllers can be employed at the WatchCon joint operations centre, a secure communications network can be established, intelligent threat-detection mechanisms such as cameras and ground movement sensors can be put in place and emergency medical services procured to serve Hout Bay.
In addition, the plan, which has been more than a year in the making, makes provision for social crime prevention by helping unemployed people to find jobs and rolling out projects to keep youth off the streets.
At the launch at Riverside Estates on Thursday November 30, Andrew Martin, the chairman of the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch (seen above) and one of the drivers of the initiative, said: “This is a significant plan to achieve our vision of a safe Hout Bay using our existing partners. We want criminals to live in fear, and importantly we want security benefits for everyone. The association will act as the fund-raiser to achieve this vision, while also offering support to our partners.
“We have looked at all aspects in coming up with this plan. We believe it will be highly beneficial to have a legal resource to call on to make sure we are doing all things by the book. For example, we were told that the CCP tracking dog has to be on a lead at all times because it is not an official police dog. Knowing such information is important if criminals are to be successfully prosecuted.”
Mr Martin said the problem with limited resources was that crime response teams were often “reactive-based” and arrived on the scene after the damage had already been done.
“So we need a more proactive approach, and this can be done by co-ordinating our efforts. We need to increase our resources, and we also need to migrate from a system of part-time volunteers to one of full-time professionals. The model we wish to implement is called detect-delay-response. By doing this, our responders can be put into a position where they can close in and form a net around criminals so they can be apprehended.”
Currently, the crime and safety organisations are accumulating an estimated R160 000 a month between them. The HBCIA intends to raise R1.1 million a month to pay for the required security measures.
With an estimated 5 500 ratepayers in Hout Bay, each household would be asked to contribute R225 a month. However, this figure is before any corporate donations, and, to this end, the HBCIA will be approaching local businesses to get involved.
Essentially, the greater the contribution from the corporate sector, the less residents will have to pay each month.
Mr Martin said the association was aware that attaining the desired R1.1 million would “not happen overnight”, and so it had set a series of financial goals building up to that point.
For example, R300 000 would cover the costs of the first special response team, a legal consultant, WatchCon manager and tactical controllers working on a full-time basis. The project, he said, would be rolled out in two phases.
Those already donating to the individual partners would continue to do so, so the first phase would see the association identifying residents currently not contributing to any security organisation. Should they be on board with the plan, their contributions would be directed through the HBCIA.
The second phase would see all contributions being made through the HBCIA.
Mr Martin added that the HBCIA would be a registered non-profit organisation with full accreditation from the SA Revenue Service.
In a video address to the 60 guests who attended the launch, CCP chairperson Keri Cross said co-ordinated fund-raising efforts in Penzance had dropped the crime rate to zero.
She said not only had those efforts eliminated incidents in Penzance, but property values in the area had skyrocketed by as much as 86% over a three-year period.
The HBCIA also received the backing of JP Smith, the City’s mayoral committee member for safety and security and social services, in another video address.
“Often the successes we have had in terms of effective crime prevention have come through innovative community policing initiatives. Hout Bay has been a leader in this regard, and often people over the mountain look to Hout Bay to see where the next evolutionary step will come from. So we are looking forward to seeing what comes out of this (project),” he said.
Ward councillor Roberto Quintas also gave his backing to the initiative, describing the co-ordinated approach as “fantastic”.
“It is vital that the Hout Bay community, NGOs and the private sector stand together,” he said. “The burden on the South African Police Service is huge. Currently 30% of positions within the police in the Western Cape lie vacant. We are the most under-resourced province in the country, and, in particular, we have a very under-resourced station in Hout Bay. The City of Cape Town supports the SAPS through the Metro police and law enforcement, but community safety collaborations such as this are essential to supplement efforts.”
02 Dec 2017

A very successful briefing session was held at Dunes on Saturday for this years Beach Patrollers.The Beach Safety Project will run from the 9th December 2017 until 12th January 2018.
This project has been running successfully since 2011 and there are still a few open slots on the roster. Sign up here>> Each patroller received a patrol pack with various items including a cap, whistle, sunscreen and patoller guidelines. These can be downloaded here >>
Thanks to Ant Allen and The Aerial Perspective for putting together this useful schematic map of the beach and surrounding areas to help our Beach patrollers clearly report any incidents that need medical assistance or security intervention. And special thanks to Office National Hout Bay for sponsoring the colour prints for the patrollers and the control centres.
Patrollers were addressed by Tammy Matthysen (Beach Project Coordinator) above left, Hout Bay SAPS Station Commander, Lt Col Nebhisi (below left), Toby Adams (CPF Chair) - below middle, Rod Panagos (HBNW Operations Manager) above right, and  Liezl Schulte(HBNW Vice-Chair) - below right.  
18 Nov 2017

HBVEMS & HBNW have partnered to bring EFAR (Emergency First Aid Responders) to Hout Bay. Today the first 20 patrollers from our community were trained in EFAR - first aid that’s integrated into the community and the formal response systems in our community.
The course teaches valuable first aid skills and allows the volunteers to integrate their reports on the scene with existing emergency services and thus provide a more holistic response to a medical emergency which could prove the difference between life and death.
Many thanks to the HBVEMS members (Charmaine, Paul and Mike) who volunteered their time to assist in delivering such a fantastic and interactive training session. Many thanks to Western Cape Health Emergency Medical Services for their assistance and for providing all necessary training materials.We look forward to further sessions in 2018.
09 Nov 2017

This years Beach Safety Project will run from the 9th December 2017 until 12th January 2018.
This project has been running successfully since 2011 and once again this year we are looking to fill the roster! This project relies on the support of HBNW members giving of their time on the beach during season. We need members to commit to a  patrol for one or two shifts on the beach. Each shift is 2 hours and members can patrol with their husband/wife/partner or a partner can be allocated to them. 
Volunteer and book a slot by logging in to the online beach patrol roster. You will need to register and create a username and password. Alternatively, members can email Tammy Matthysen on with their details and preferred times and dates that they are able to patrol, and she will add them directly to the roster.
And once again this year we have received some amazing vouchers and prizes from local companies, which we will distribute at our end of season function. Some of this year's sponsors and donors are Casareccio, Dunes, Oakhurst Kwikspar, Durr Estates, Fidelity ADT, Deep Blue Security, Hills Pet Nutrition, Bugatti's, Dario's, Earthworx Garden World, Snoekies and Tarrogona Lodge.
From Left: Dominic (Deep Blue ) Renier van den Berg (Deep Blue), Tammy Matthysen (Beach Project coordinator), Debbie Spowart (Durr Estates), JJ de Villiers (CCP) and Adam Hartree (CCP).
If you would like to donate a voucher / gift to our patrollers, or join in on the fun and become a beach patroller you can contact Tammy either by email or on 061 913 7151
24 Oct 2017

Crime statistics for the period 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017 were released by national Police Minister Fikile Mbalula on Tuesday October 24. SAPS only releases these official crime statistics once a year. For details on these crime figures there is an excellent crime analysis tool on Crime Stats SA>> 
For Hout Bay crime stats click here>>
SAPS Hout Bay reported the following statistics:
An overview of these figures show that 4 murders were recorded at Hout Bay police station between April 2016 and March 2017, as opposed to 12 in the period between April 2015 and March 2016. This, report Hout Bay SAPS,  is a decrease of 66.7%.
Reported sexual assault cases dropped by 33.3%, from 9 to 6 during the reporting period. Robbery at residential properties dropped by 5.9%, from 51 cases in 2015/16 to 48 cases in 2016/17.
Reported sexual offences dropped from 29 cases to 27 cases - or 6.9% - during the reporting period.
Attempted murder cases increased by 40%, or 10 cases in 2015/16 to 14 cases in 2016/17.
Rape cases increased by 40% - 15 cases were reported in 2015/16 and 21 in 2016/17.
Burglary at residential properties remains a problem in the Hout Bay policing district, showing a spike of 7.5% between the two reporting periods (293 cases as opposed to 315 cases in the latest window). However, theft of motor vehicles and motorcycles has decreased by 15.2%.
And the number of arson cases reported increased from 1 in 2015/16 to 7 in 2016/17.
HBNW statement on these statistics:
Every year these figures are released by the national Police Minister and while year on year some categories go up and some down, the fact is that our “normal”  is anything but.
Since the inception of HBNW in 2005 our local SAPS have been under  resourced. In 2005 we were supposed to have 4 sector patrol vans crewed by 2 man teams.
We had then and still do (on paper) have 2 sector vans but the reality is that with officers off sick, on training or on leave, we often only have one sector van holed up at the station, whilst its crew assists station staff to cope with complaints coming in the front door.  
National government has seen fit to disproportionately deprive the Western Cape of its due complement of SAPS officers and more recently is in process of reducing the number total SAPS force  by some 3000 staff.
“In the police’s 2017/18 annual performance plan it was revealed that the personnel number will be decreased from 194 431 to 191 431 by 2019/20.” IOL NEWS / 22 AUGUST 2017, 09:03AM / YOLISA TSWANYA
It does not take a rocket scientist to see that this bodes ill for all communities battling to cope with urbanisation where rising populations of jobless youth are prevalent.
Recognising this late in 2014 HBNW initiated the HBCIA (Hout Bay Community Improvement Association) initiative to bring all of Hout Bays community safety organisations together to develop and implement an Integrated Community Safety Plan (ICSP
All role players including  HBNW, CCP, CPF, Security Service Providers , SAPS  and CoCT Law enforcement have participated in a series of workshops and briefings  to ensure consensus and smooth implementation towards delivering sustainable funding through accountable structures which will then be used to prevent our “Normal” becoming even more abnormal.
The HBCIA launch will take place in November 2017.  The steering Committee currently consists of Brad Geyser, as Chair  and co-directors  Keri Cross (Chair of CCP) and Andrew Martin (Chair of HBNW).
It is a sad state of affairs that we have to invest so much time and effort in our communities defence but until National Government realises that reducing SAPS personnell is the wrong thing to do, we have little choice and encourage the citizens of Hout Bay and Llandudno to cooperate towards making ICSP an operational reality.
27 Mar 2017

Tonight HBNW was one of the first of 27 NW's across the Western Cape to receive their official accreditation at a ceremony hosted by Minister Dan Plato. Well done to all.  See attached letter.
24 Feb 2017

Interesting to see how the number of calls to Watchcon spiked when the fire started around 10:00am on Tuesday.
Watchcon, an institution in Hout Bay, is our very own control room, open 24/7 for ALL residents, owned and managed by HBNW, using sponsor donations. How can you assist?
20 Feb 2017

The start of a new era for HBNWatchcon - SA Digital Villages is bringing fibre to areas in Hout Bay where there isn't already fibre! This will alleviate the over loading (with all the problems this entails) currently experienced by the many camera networks in the Valley. 
Seen in the pic are HBNW Chairperson Andrew Martin and SA Digital Villages (SADV) CEO Shaun Barkhuizen, signing the HBNW / SADV Community Fibre support agreement. Anton Strauss, SADV Chief Marketing Officer, and Rod Panagos Project manager for the Hout Bay Integrated Community Safety Project and HBNWatchcon Fibre Project are looking on. Find out more>>
10 Feb 2017

Received from the Department of Community Safety. "It is hereby confirmed that your application for formal accreditation has been approved in terms of Section 6, of the Western Cape Community Safety Act of 2013, please see attached letter.
You are advised that the accreditation is valid for a period of 24 months starting as from 23rd December 2016. You will be required to re-apply for renewal 3 months prior to the expiration date.
As an accredited Neighbourhood Watch Structure you are able to access training and support opportunities offered by the Department.  It should be noted that this is dependent on resource availability within the Department.
We acknowledge your efforts and willingness to make your neighbourhood safer. "
22 Jul 2016

Formed in 2005 after the murder of a cyclist staying in Hout Bay to take part in the “Argus” Cycle race Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch now has well over 3000 members. At that time patrolling was what all Neighbourhood Watches advocated. “Neighbours watching over Neighbours”. Today's world is rather different and while “Eyes and Ears” is still the motto of every Neighbourhood Watch, technology is in the forefront and assists greatly with the work of HBNW.
So HBNW needs donations and raises funds to deliver and maintain technical systems that support & empower HBNW members and all anti- crime organisations in Hout Bay including, SAPS, METRO Law Enforcement, SANPARKS, ADT, Deep Blue, Chubb, CCP, Fire and Rescue, WASR, NSRI, HBVEMS and Disaster Management, to function as a single cohesive integrated Joint Operations Response network in times of need. This includes but is not limited to:
  • HBNWatchcon Radio network
  • HBNWatchcon CCTV network
  • Specialised Crime fighting equipment
  • Community Communications
Watchcon (or HBNWatchcon, as it has been rebranded) is a Community owned Control room managed by HBNW and available to everyone in Hout Bay:
  • It is Security Service Provider (SSP) neutral. No single SSP owns it.
  • It is owned by the community, as represented by HBNW.
  • ADT currently sponsors HBNWatchcon by means of paying the Watchcon operators and donating towards expenses such as rental but all the equipment in HBNWatchcon has been paid for by member donations and contributions. 
  • HBNWatchcon technology facilitates Joint Response efforts, essential to achieve successful apprehension of criminal elements.
  • HBNWatchcon assists daily in resolving crime, general safety issues and providing disaster management support across Hout Bay.
Recently HBNW has spent funds on additional Licence Plate Recognition cameras, essential to intercepting stolen vehicles or vehicles known to be in use by criminals throughout the peninsula, as the enter or leave Hout Bay; a portable Thermal camera, which is an essential tool for finding and apprehending criminals at night; HBNWatchcon Radios donated/provided to SAPS, SAN Parks, IY Responders and Metro Law Enforcement officers; and, as a special donation appeal, wet weather jackets for patrollers in IY and Hangberg. HBNW has also set up a fund for responders who might be injured while on duty. It's the “Responder Aid Fund.” Money can be donated specifically for this purpose and is ringfenced to be used if or when required. 
Last but not least, money donated to a specific HBNW area is ring-fenced for use in that area by the members, coordinated by their Area leader. Contact us or email for more information.

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    Thank you to all who donate and assist us
We do not charge for membership and there is no expectation that members have to contribute financially. However we need to maintain the systems that keep YOU safe. So we welcome donations from residents and businesses alike. 
For more details on Area Safety Plans and the spending of area specific donations (ring-fenced funds) please contact your Area Leader.
Please help us to help you and make a donation today!
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021 790 9333 or 082 883 6142

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021 791 9300 or 021 791 8660

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Sep 2017: What is your greatest security concern?
Being the victim of a serious crime
Keeping my family and property safe at all times
Not knowing what crime is happening in Hout Bay
I donít have any security concerns

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