21 Apr 2017

Hout Bay Volunteer EMS are pleased to announce the new Executive Committee for the next 12 months. 
The leadership of the committee is joint this year between the CLO & COO. 
Chief Liaison Officer - Matt Rosenberg
Chief Operations Officer - Paul Giot
HR & Secretary - Nell Labuschagne
Training - Kirsty Worral
Special Projects - Tamryn Sherriffs
Finance - Charmaine Cunningham (co-opted)
"HBVEMS are looking forward to a great year of building our service, strengthening our relationships and continuing to serve the Department of Health:EMS, our community and our patients." 
"We're extremely grateful for the continued support we receive from all our sponsors, supporters and community members. Our service is only possible thanks to this support and we look forward to building it going forward", says Matthew Rosenberg. 
For questions or more information please contact Matthew Rosenberg on
16 Apr 2017

Hout Bay once again awoke to the news of another devastating fire, with an estimated 150 homes affected and a reported loss of life.
05 Apr 2017

At the HBNW Exco meeting on 5 April 2017 Capt Lourens, standing in for Station Commander Lt Col Nebhisi, who is on leave congratulated HBNW on being one of the first Neighbourhood Watches in the Western Cape to receive their official accreditation. He also thanked the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch and local SSPs for assisting SAPS in keeping crime figures down in Hout Bay. Although the official SAPS crime statistics for the year April 2016 to March 2017 will only be released later this year Capt Lourens was able to pass on the good news that there was a decrease in crime in Hout Bay in every category. Aggrevated Robbery showed a decrease of around 10%, property related crimes (Break Ins and Theft out of Vehicle) a decrease of almost 3% and House Robberies a 10% decrease. For arrests as a result of police action these categories showed a significant increase, proving that Hout Bay SAPS are working hard to put offenders behind bars. These offences include a 150% increase in the number of arrrests for persons carrying fireamrs, 250 drug related arrests and 65 arrests for drunk driving. The only other category of crime that showed an increase was commercial crime, and this is difficult to police, as victims need to be educated and made aware of internet fraud and other scams.
Hot spots in Hout Bay continue to be Northshore, Empire Road and Hangberg (mainly assault). Imizamo Yethu is not a hot spot at the moment. The patrollers are back and are being monitored. Any complaints or problems with them should be reported to SAPS. The recent spate of muggings along the Main road near DARG and the graveyard were attributed to a group of youngsters egged on by a ringleader from elsewhere who has now left the area so these seems to have stopped for the moment. 
More good news was that a dedicated detective has been allocated to assist with ensuring that those who are arrested are not given bail. This has ensured that several known perpetrators have been kept off the streets, reducing the number of house robberies. 
27 Mar 2017

Tonight HBNW was one of the first of 27 NW's across the Western Cape to receive their official accreditation at a ceremony hosted by Minister Dan Plato. Well done to all.  See attached letter.
11 Mar 2017

Around midnight on Friday 10 March a fire was reported In Dontse Yakhe, a densely populated informal settlement in Imizamo Yehtu, Hout Bay. Unfortunately this fire spread rapidly through the settlement destroying about 1,500 shacks resulting in about 6000 people being displaced. Many of the victims lost everything except the clothes on their backs while those who managed to save some of their belongings were sitting on the side of the mountain guarding their possessions.
The residents of Hout Bay awoke on Saturday morning to learn of this devastating fire and then on Sunday morning they learned that, due to the enormous winds experienced over most of the peninsular, the Cape Town Cycle tour had been cancelled,  for the first time in its 40 year history.
As has happened in the past, residents of Hout Bay jumped to assist those affected by the fire. Organisations like Thula Thula led the way and started the appeal for donations. The flood of donations from all over Cape Town meant the Fire Station and Thula Thula's premises were soon overflowing and donations were re-directed to the International School of Hout Bay, with storage of sorted donations at Kronendal Primary. At this point in time donations are being accepted and sorted at Ambleside School in Milner Avenue, while the donations are being distributed on the sports fields opposite Hout Bay SAPS.
So many people have picked up the  baton and assisted in so many ways. The people of Hout Bay and beyond have opened their hearts and wallets and are working day and night to ensure that those affected by this disaster will be able to pick up the pieces and return to a semblance of normal life as quickly as possible. Thanks to Rod Panagos for these images.





Above: Sad scenes showing the devastation in the aftermath of the fire.





Above: Left - Possessions saved from the fire wait for the rebuilding process. (Pic Norman Brook) Above Right and Below - Volunteers sorting through the mounds of donations.








02 Mar 2017

Seen at Watchcon after a very successful meeting with our new Station Commander, Lt Col Nebhisi. (Pic: Michelle Parmentier)

From Left: Liezl Schulte, HBNW Vice-Chair: Rod Panagos, HBNW Operations Manager; Rob Quintas, Ward 74 Councillor; Andrew Martin, HBNW Chairperson; Station Commander, Lt Col Nebhisi; Alex Rossi, Watchcon Systems Manager.  

24 Feb 2017

Interesting to see how the number of calls to Watchcon spiked when the fire started around 10:00am on Tuesday.
Watchcon, an institution in Hout Bay, is our very own control room, open 24/7 for ALL residents, owned and managed by HBNW, using sponsor donations. How can you assist?
20 Feb 2017

The start of a new era for HBNWatchcon - SA Digital Villages is bringing fibre to areas in Hout Bay where there isn't already fibre! This will alleviate the over loading (with all the problems this entails) currently experienced by the many camera networks in the Valley. 
Seen in the pic are HBNW Chairperson Andrew Martin and SA Digital Villages (SADV) CEO Shaun Barkhuizen, signing the HBNW / SADV Community Fibre support agreement. Anton Strauss, SADV Chief Marketing Officer, and Rod Panagos Project manager for the Hout Bay Integrated Community Safety Project and HBNWatchcon Fibre Project are looking on. Find out more>>
11 Feb 2017

Patrollers who volunteered for this year's Hout Beach Safety Project were thanked for their efforts at a lunch at Pakalolo on Saturday 11 February. 
HBNW was supported by many local companies who offered vouchers and other incentives to entice members to participate, ensuring everyone was working together to keep our locals and visitors safe on our beaches over the holiday season.
HBNW would like to thank Dunes and Spiros for the daily drinks vouchers for our patrollers, as well as Hill's Pet Nutrition, Massimo's, Casareccio, The Hairdresser, Oakhurst Spar, HB Spar, Caltex Fresh Shop, Snoekies, Faceplace, Mariners Wharf and Barney's, who all supplied vouchers which were given out at the lunch. 
In addition to these vouchers Clive Seaton received his certificate for Top Patroller of the 2016/2017 season, while Ollie Atkins was awarded the "Man for all Seasons" award.
This statement from our Hout Bay Saps Station Commander sums up the success of thsi project:: 
" Station Commander, Lt Col K Nebhisi would like to thank all the partners especially, NHW (ie HBNW) and Law Enforcement for the assistance during the Festive Season. Everyone that assisted in the planning and every beach patroller, this was such a success and no serious incidents were reported."
This assistance on Hout Bay beach allowed SAPS to concentrate their scarce resources on other areas, resulting in there being virtually no incidents reported in the Sandy Bay area this season!
HBNW would like to thank Tammy Matthysen for being the driving force behind the success of this years project. As our CPF Chairman, Toby Adams, said "Every time I was on the beach or drove past the beach, Tammy was there" Amazing dedication!
For a full set of pics from this year's project please go to our Gallery.>>
10 Feb 2017

Received from the Department of Community Safety. "It is hereby confirmed that your application for formal accreditation has been approved in terms of Section 6, of the Western Cape Community Safety Act of 2013, please see attached letter.
You are advised that the accreditation is valid for a period of 24 months starting as from 23rd December 2016. You will be required to re-apply for renewal 3 months prior to the expiration date.
As an accredited Neighbourhood Watch Structure you are able to access training and support opportunities offered by the Department.  It should be noted that this is dependent on resource availability within the Department.
We acknowledge your efforts and willingness to make your neighbourhood safer. "
23 Jan 2017

Whether you are securing your family home, business or larger area every good security plan consists of three fundamental aspects:
The perimeter:
This is your first line of defence and must be robust. Consider electric fencing, spikes or motion sensors on walls to keep criminals out. If you have fencing ensure that it has a solid foundation; at least two feet underground or with a concrete base.
Access control:
Whether you have an automated gate for vehicle or pedestrian access, do not allow freedom of movement into and out of your property. Control who enters and exits with an intercom system and automated release and locking systems coupled with a camera.
Interior security:
Use cameras or external motion detectors, such as point-to-point or outdoor beams, to keep an eye on what is happening on the inside of your perimeter wall or fence. Windows can be protected with burglar bars. We encourage both home and business owners to consider transparent burglar bars that are more than 300 times stronger than glass and embedded with alarm wires that are armed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are also weather-resistant, false alarm proof and can be made to fit any size window. Thermal sensors or motion detectors are an effective means to safeguard rooms and access points; while physical barriers such as roller doors or slam-lock doors can be used to isolate parts of the home.
Although this may seem logical and quite simple, implementing this approach will enhance your peace of mind that you have considered everything to protect your family.
Family Security Tips:
Parents and children’s caretakers must take responsibility for their children and ensure their safety at all times. Keep an open line of communication and trust between parents and children, children and the school, and know your children’s friends.
Teach your children:
  • Basic safety rules and to follow the rules and instructions well.
  • To only approach uniformed police officers and marked police cars,
  • Never accept a lift from strangers.
  • Never go right up to a vehicle that stops and asks for directions etc., keep a distance from the vehicle.
  • To always let you know where they are or going and give you their friends contact numbers.
  • To walk to and from school in a group.
  • Not to wander off, to avoid lonely places, and not to take short cuts through alleys or deserted areas.
Overview of Crime in Hout Bay:
Car break-ins have also been on the rise within the area, be mindful to not leave items visible to passer-by’s. Criminals smash the windows and/or open unlocked doors and grab whatever they can. Don’t leave bags, cell phones, laptops or other valuables visible in the vehicle. Lock all valuables in the boot of your car before you drive and arrive at your destination.  
It is well known that crime patterns change month on month and that criminals target weak areas. A weak area is not only an area where there is no Neighbourhood watch or cameras but also where residents are complacent. It’s astounding when patrolling the area how many gates, garage and even doors are left open by residents which are open invitations to criminals. Cars parked and left unlocked with valuable left on display inside are easy pickings. This bad behaviour creates opportunity for criminals and is an open invitation for them to come into your area. Don’t let your guard down because there has been a perceived drop or awareness about crime within your area. 
ADT offer safety workshops that focus on any of your domestic staff who form a vital part of your home security especially when you are not there and they are looking after your children. If you would like to, as a group, book a safety workshop, please email Brendon Berry on If you are interested in this but can't get a group together please email and when we have enough members on the list we can schedule a session for the group.
12 Dec 2016

As the year draws to a close we would like to thank our many members as well as the local businesses who continue to support us in so many ways – with their energy, time and donations.
This year we have made great progress – from the installation of two additional LPR cameras, to partnering with the City of Cape Town who have sponsored cameras in various hot spots, providing rain jackets, hard hats and tactical lights for patrollers in IY and Hangberg and driving partnerships with Sonic Telecoms (wireless telecoms) and DFA (Dark Fibre Africa) to bring fibre to Hout Bay, to deliver a more stable, Valley wide, integrated community safety CCTV camera network.
These negotiations and agreements require numerous meetings and a great deal of time and effort so we are very fortunate to have some extremely dedicated HBNW Management Committee members who give generously of their time to ensure we can take HBNW forward.
Our grateful thanks to those who continue to contribute financially to HBNW. We would like to let you know how we spend this money.
  1. Money donated to specific areas is managed and spent by your Area leader and his/her committee and is used to support and help Areas develop and implement their safety plans, so that that each area safety plan can more readily be integrated into the larger Valley Safety Plan. Contact your HBNW Area Leader or HBNW Admin ( to see how you can contribute to your Area Safety Plan. Click on this link to find out how to contact your Area leader. HBNW Management Team
  2. Money donated to our general fund, referenced HBNW or Watchcon, is used to upgrade our HBNWatchcon systems. HBNW works closely with SAPS, Metro Law Enforcement and CCP to understand what makes it easier to track and apprehend criminals.
  • As result of this close cooperation HBNW recently purchased some specialised equipment to assist responders to track and apprehend criminals. Unfortunately we cannot be more specific for fear this information will get into the wrong hands and nullify its effectiveness.
  • We have recently upgraded the Watchcon phone system to a VOIP PBX which is sponsored by Euphoria Telecom, enabling:
    • Multiple simultaneous calls (no more busy signal)
    • Call Queuing during busy events
    • Full calling history and all voice calls are recorded for auditing/review purposes
    • 30% saving on outbound call fees
  • In conjunction with SAPS and City of Cape town Metro Law Enforcement departments our HBNWatchcon systems have been further upgraded to enable faster cross checking of suspicious vehicles and persons with these agencies.
  • We have negotiated an agreement with Metro Law Enforcement and Constantia Watch whereby we share a vehicle with Constantia Watch enabling our Law Enforcement reservists to be more active in our area.
None of this would be possible without your ongoing support. Thank you all very much.
If you are not already doing so and would like to assist us financially please download a HBNW Debit order form or use the banking details below to set up your deposit.
Bank: Nedbank, Branch: Hout Bay, Branch code: 167 609, Account type: Cheque, Account No: 167 602 9133, Account name: Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch. Use reference "Watchcon" and your name.
2016 has seen HBNW roll out Ttrumpet as its mobile communication system. Thank you to all the members who have downloaded and are using this App. We urge our members to use Ttrumpet, not only to view crime information, but also as a means of reporting incidents and logging suspicious activity, as well as a messaging platform. Find out more about Ttrumpet on this link - Ttrumpet information.
Our Beach Safety Project 2016/2017 has attracted a lot of interest and support thanks to the drive and determination of this years Project Administrator, Tammy Matthyssen. Thanks also to our loyal supporters:
  • Our local SSPs, Deep Blue and ADT
  • Spiros who have offered drinks vouchers for patrollers for the entire 6 weeks
  • Dunes who have offered drinks vouchers for patrollers for the entire 6 weeks
  • Massimo's who have offered a R100 voucher for each patroller who completes at least two patrols
  • Casareccio who have offered vouchers for those complete the most patrol shifts
  • Office National who printed our vests at no cost
  • K9 Patrollers who will undertake dog patrols on the dunes on selected days
  • Hill's Pet Nutrition who have provided bibs, food for the patrol dogs for 6 months as well as additional vouchers for those patrollers who complete the most patrol shifts
  • Paull Hermann of Innomark who provides the online roster system we have used for the past few years.
And last but by no means least PLEASE support the loyal businesses who support us throughout the year. See this link - HBNW Sponsors.
We wish you well over the festive season and a safe 2017. Safe travels to those going away and if you're not, we will see you on the beach!
02 Dec 2016

Thank you Hill's Pet Nutrition for sponsoring dog food and vouchers for this years Beach Safety Project. 

On the left are Sue Freeling (patroller) , Kim Johnstone (Hill's), Mike Rigg (K9 Solutions), Tammy Matthysen (Beach Project coordinator) and Therese Matthysen (patroller).
Kim Johnstone (Hill's), Mike Rigg (K9 Solutions) and Julie Moncada.
18 Nov 2016

Report by John Harvey - Sentinel News
This year’s Beach Safety Project in Hout Bay will, for the first time, include volunteers from Imizamo Yethu. Their presence will bolster the efforts of volunteers drawn from the ranks of the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch, working in collabora tion with City Law Enforcement, the police, NSRI, and various security firms.
The project will run for six weeks, from Wednesday December 7 to Wednesday January 18, and volunteers will patrol the beaches in two-hour shifts to help keep swimmers safe.
Project co-ordinator Tammy Matthysen asked the Imizamo Yethu Neighbourhood Watch (IYNW) whether it was prepared to con tribute volunteers to the programme. “Fifteen youngsters have come forward and signed up for the programme,” said IYNW’s Uzola Mdatulwa (seen left). “We work a lot with youngsters trying to keep them off the streets, so keeping them busy with projects like this is very important. It will put them on the right track in life.” IYNW officer Norman Mzantsi (seen above on the right) said the youngsters would shadow experienced volunteers throughout the summer. “If you can help people, you must. A lot of these kids have been victims of crime themselves, so it is good that they will be able to help others stay safe on the beaches.”
Another experienced volunteer, Vincent Sodladla, will be watching hiking trails during the summer, as hikers had fallen prey to criminals on them in the past. Ms Matthysen is happy to have the Imizamo Yethu contingent on board.
“Law Enforcement will work from 8am to 8pm, while volunteer patrols, will take place from sunrise to 6pm.” Ms Matthysen was also excited about the introduction of dog handlers to the project this year. “They will be patrolling the dunes and slipways to provide extra protection this summer,” she said.  A local restaurant has agreed to donate a R100 voucher for every patroller who completes two or more patrols on the beach this season, and Ms Matthysen has appealed to other businesses to come up with similar incentives. “There will be a get-together before the season kicks off to go over procedures and to ‘meet  & greet’ fellow patrollers, security companies and SAPS members. It’s a great way to get out the house, meet the locals and our many visitors to Hout Bay,” she said.
To get involved in this project as a patroller or as a sponsor, email Ms Matthysen at
28 Sep 2016

Pictured above left to right:
Vincent Sodladla (HBNW IY Area Leader), David Weader, Rod Panagos (HBNW Operations Manager), Pastor Philip Frans (HBNW Hangberg Area Leader), Captain Lourens (SAPS), Christopher Strauss, Norman Mzant
When the community responded generously to provide funds to purchase weather protection suits for the IY and Hangberg NW patrollers surplus funds were accumulated. In consultation with the patrollers as to what was needed to make their task easier and safer, HBNW purchased rechargeable Tactical Lights and helmets to protect the patrollers from persons who throw stones and bottles at the patrollers from dark alleyways between the informal structures.
Additionally it is hoped that the wearing of the distinctive blue helmets, clearly marked NW Patroller vests and the wearing of ID cards will quell accusations of residents being assaulted by patrollers. A legitimate patroller must at the very least be able to show you his NW Patroller Identity number card.
It has happened that groups of so called patrollers wait for the official NW patrols to end and then launch their own “patrols” to roam around assaulting and stealing residents cell phones in the name of the neighbourhood watch. 
Residents must treat these unidentifiable groups with suspicion and stay away from them. Law abiding residents should also be aware that criminals living in the area start rumours to discredit the NW patrollers to try and reduce or stop the patrols. Serious crime in IY has been much reduced through the efforts of the NW patrol volunteers. For your own and your children’s safety don’t believe and repeat rumours. Support your NW patrols. As unpaid volunteers they sacrifice many hours in order to make the community a safer place for you to live in.
14 Sep 2016

Thanks to the generous donations of many HBNW members and several Hout Bay businesses, including Chapmans Peak Hotel and Thomas Electrical, patrollers in Hangberg now have their jackets to protect them while on patrol.
Seen below from left:
Rod Panagos (HBNW Ops Manager), Pastor Philip Frans (Hangberg HBNW Area Leader) and Shaun Thomas of Thomas Electrical.
With the additional money donated into this fund HBNW has also been able to purchase Patroller Hard Hats and Tactical Lights with  rechargeable batteries for the patrollers in Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg.
05 Aug 2016

In their latest flyer  ADT, main sponsors of HBNWatchcon for over 10 years, announced they now have a Community Patrol Vehicle solely dedicated to:
  • Monitoring and responding to HBNWatchcon incident requests
  • Linked to area Whatsapp groups
  • Assisting with community driven projects
  • Assisting and backing up CCP
  • Increased protection and visibility within the Hout Bay area
In addition they have recently donated 10 overview cameras to HBNW and sponsored two LPR cameras along Valley Road. More HBNW News Stories>>


22 Jul 2016

Formed in 2005 after the murder of a cyclist staying in Hout Bay to take part in the “Argus” Cycle race Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch now has well over 3000 members. At that time patrolling was what all Neighbourhood Watches advocated. “Neighbours watching over Neighbours”. Today's world is rather different and while “Eyes and Ears” is still the motto of every Neighbourhood Watch, technology is in the forefront and assists greatly with the work of HBNW.
So HBNW needs donations and raises funds to deliver and maintain technical systems that support & empower HBNW members and all anti- crime organisations in Hout Bay including, SAPS, METRO Law Enforcement, SANPARKS, ADT, Deep Blue, Chubb, CCP, Fire and Rescue, WASR, NSRI, HBVEMS and Disaster Management, to function as a single cohesive integrated Joint Operations Response network in times of need. This includes but is not limited to:
  • HBNWatchcon Radio network
  • HBNWatchcon CCTV network
  • Specialised Crime fighting equipment
  • Community Communications
Watchcon (or HBNWatchcon, as it has been rebranded) is a Community owned Control room managed by HBNW and available to everyone in Hout Bay:
  • It is Security Service Provider (SSP) neutral. No single SSP owns it.
  • It is owned by the community, as represented by HBNW.
  • ADT currently sponsors HBNWatchcon by means of paying the Watchcon operators and donating towards expenses such as rental but all the equipment in HBNWatchcon has been paid for by member donations and contributions. 
  • HBNWatchcon technology facilitates Joint Response efforts, essential to achieve successful apprehension of criminal elements.
  • HBNWatchcon assists daily in resolving crime, general safety issues and providing disaster management support across Hout Bay.
Recently HBNW has spent funds on additional Licence Plate Recognition cameras, essential to intercepting stolen vehicles or vehicles known to be in use by criminals throughout the peninsula, as the enter or leave Hout Bay; a portable Thermal camera, which is an essential tool for finding and apprehending criminals at night; HBNWatchcon Radios donated/provided to SAPS, SAN Parks, IY Responders and Metro Law Enforcement officers; and, as a special donation appeal, wet weather jackets for patrollers in IY and Hangberg. HBNW has also set up a fund for responders who might be injured while on duty. It's the “Responder Aid Fund.” Money can be donated specifically for this purpose and is ringfenced to be used if or when required. 
Last but not least, money donated to a specific HBNW area is ring-fenced for use in that area by the members, coordinated by their Area leader. Contact us or email for more information.
21 Jun 2016

At the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch (HBNW) AGM on 31 May an appeal was made by one of  the IY patrollers for wet weather gear to keep the patrollers dry over the winter period. 
HBNW appealed to all members to sponsor 100 jackets for IY and Hangberg patrollers, and also made an appeal on social media, and in the Sentinel on Friday 10 June. We are extremely grateful to our members and the Hout Bay residents and businesses who supported this initiative, ensuring the required funds were quickly raised. In addition to the individual donations received, Thomas Electrical were very generous sponsors, as were Chapmans Peak Hotel. Unfortunately some of the donations are difficult to trace, as the bank references aren't always very clear. However we are making every effort to contact and thank those who donated.
Once the jackets had been purchased the threat of more bad weather and rain made it a matter of urgency to hand them over to the IY and Hangberg patrollers. At 17h00 on Monday 20 June, the wet weather gear was handed over at Hout Bay SAPS to IY Neighbourhood Watch patrollers. Unfortunately Hangberg NW members could not make the handover at such short notice  
Above from left to right:
Lawrence Skosana - Thomas Electrical employee; Norman Mzantsi - IY NW; Elliot Zakumba- IY NW; Vincent Sodlala - IY NW; Angelina Nyamunetsa - Community Cohesion; Rod Panagos - HBNWatchcon  Operations Manager; Mazotshwandile Sithunzi - IY NW; Shaun Thomas - Thomas Electrical who, together with Chapmans Peak Hotel, were two very generous sponsors.
A request has been made by the patrollers for headgear to protect them when stones are thrown at them. Surplus funds collected will be used for these, as well as additional equipment required by these patrollers. 
31 May 2016

The 2016 Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch AGM was held at Riverside Estates on Tuesday 31 May 2016. 
As there were no representatives from Hout Bay SAPS at the meeting, JJ de Villiers, last years CPF Chair, and Toby Adams, the current CPF Chair, gave a brief report on the crime situation in Hout Bay. The good news is that crime in Imizamo Yethu has dropped dramatically since evening patrols were initiated in the area.  In order to ensure that the patrollers do not step out of line they are now wearing bright coloured bibs as well as numbered ID cards. Any residents who have a complaint against a particular patroller can now use this Identity number when making a complaint at SAPS.
Although crime in general is down across the Valley when the figures are compared to previous year's figures, house robberies are still occurring too frequently in Hout Bay. There are known to be a few groups of perpetrators who are roaming around at night and committing house robberies. They not only need to be apprehended but also linked to specific crimes, in order to ensure they are jailed and kept out of Hout Bay. This needs concerted effort from all the crime fighting initiatives in Hout Bay.
Peter Hayes, HBNW Treasurer, presented the 2015/2016 financial highlights which showed that HBNW's income increased from R605k in 2014/2015 to R885K in 2015/26, and expenditure increased from R362K in 2014/2015 to R856k in 2015/2016. Full details are available on the website.
Rod Panagos (HBNW Ops) outlined the good progress that HBNW had made in 2015. 
Highlights for the year are:
  • Relocated and upgraded HBNWatchcon from Mainstream to Earthworx. 
  • Upgraded the CCTV head end equipment at Watchcon 
  • Stabilised the CCTV wireless network links across the valley. 
  • Secured R 100 000.00 worth of City of Cape Town funding towards CCTV monitoring on Hughenden Road 
  • Assisted City of Cape town to realign the City's Beach CCTV project to meet local operational requirements. 
  • In the process of installing a new LPR CCTV point on Suikerbossie 
  • Installed more analytic capability in the CCTV systems, both centrally and in the area hubs
  • Purchased a R 67 000.00 portable thermal camera for use by Patrollers and Responders
  • Secured sponsorship from:
    • ADT, for Hot Spot CCTV cameras 
    • ADT, for two more LPR Camera points 
    • Verifier, to monitor free of charge HBNW’s Community Safety cameras 
    • Sonic, to provide internet connectivity to Watchcon plus qualified free links per area 
    • DFA / SADV Fibre Optic network service providers, to provide free high speed fibre optic bandwidth throughout the valley for HBNW’s Community Safety Plan network requirements 
  • HBNW supplied and manages a covert surveillance package to support SAPS anti-drug operations, at a cost of R 18 000.00 
  • Initiated and raised R 21 000.00 towards a responder aid fund 
Brad Geyser, HBNW Governance presented the alternative organisational models that were being considered by HBNW to better address crime and other associated events developing in the Valley. Three Models were considered as alternative structures for HBNW  but a combination of the Camps Bay and Constantia models, both successful, seem to be the most suitable one.  
This will be developed further and a draft constitution drawn up and presented to members as soon as possible. The Meeting gave approval for this to proceed.
Anthony Allen was awarded the Bruce Taylor award for 2016. This award is given each year to the person who, by popular vote of the HBNW members, is deemed to have made a meaningful contribution to neighbourhood watch.
Bruce Taylor was a member of neighbourhood watch and was tragically killed in a motorbike accident in 2007. The trophy was donated in his memory by Miki and David Smith of Suikerbossie a few years ago because Bruce was a friend, and regularly worked as a DJ at their restaurant. Pic: Anthony Allen on the right receives the Bruce Taylor award from Allan Dellbridge, acting Chair for HBNW.
Andrew Martin, Area Leader for Orangekloof, was elected Chairperson for 2016. He took over the HBNW chair from acting chairperson Allan Dellbridge who has been standing in for Dennis Steggink since March when his work commitments took him out of Hout Bay. Dennis “attended” the meeting via Skype and gave a short speech thanking his management team for their support and wishing HBNW every success for the future. 
Pic: Alex Rossi, Penzance Area Leader and Watchcon Systems Manager, Andrew Martin, HBNW Chairperson, and Fred Nebe, Area Leader for Meadows.
Newly elected HBNW Chairperson, Andrew Martin outlined his five goals for HBNW. 
  • Unite HBNW and CCP in a cooperative and complementary (non competitive) relationship
  • Implement the new Governance structure as soon as possible
  • Rebuild Watchcon as a first class JOC (Joint Operations Centre)
  • Ensure there is a tactical responder/patroller response to back up Watchcon 
  • Set up a security framework for each Area so that areas can motivate and “sell” this security plan to their members. 
HBNW has to overcome current funding limitations if there is to be a business approach to the organisation. By adding value, such as monitoring cameras, HBNW will have a product that can be sold in order to generate income.  
The presentations by Rod Panagos (HBNW Operations) and Brad Geyser (HBNW Governance) are on the website, and also the Financial Analysis for 2015/2016.  As these documents are for members only, you need to Login first.  Then click here>>
At the end of the meeting an appeal was made by one of the Imizamo Yethu patrollers for wet weather clothing to help keep their patrollers warm whilst on duty in bad weather conditions. After hearing from both JJ de Villiers of CCP and Toby Adams, Hout Bay CPF Chair, how significant the contribution of these patrollers has been in reducing crime in Imizamo Yethu, HBNW has decided to source and purchase these jackets for the patrollers in both Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg.  Immediately after the meeting a HBNW member very generously pledged R 2 000.00 towards supplying the required clothing.
To outfit 100 patrollers in IY and Hangberg the full amount required is R 15 500.00
Any members who wish to contribute to support this drive for Patrollers clothing and equipment can either "Sponsor a Jacket" by depositing R155 into the HBNW bank account or any amount they would like to donate. We need to support these patrollers who are making an effort to keep their areas safe. Please reference the deposit with your name and "Patroller Equipment" so that it can be allocated correctly.
Account: Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch
No: 167 602 9133 
Bank: Nedbank 
Branch: Hout Bay
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21 May 2016

Following on the previous advisory about Firearms licensing and the queries that it generated we have taken legal advice to provide a more comprehensive document.

Please download here.

19 May 2016

HBNW has spent the last 12 months reorganising and building capacity in order to meet the challenges our community faces.
The community CCTV network is expanding and with it the need for more persons to assist with screen monitoring.
HBNW is establishing a CCTV Patroller Group
If you are NOT currently a physical patroller or responder on the street, you can assist the Controllers in the HBNWatchcon control room monitoring the screens. Since HBNWatchcon is a security centre dealing with crime intelligence, applicants will need to be SAPS cleared.
So if you are an insomniac wanting to contribute to your communities safety,  please email me on .
Kind regards
Rod Panagos
HBNW Operations
30 Apr 2016

Rod Panagos, HBNW Operations Manager is experiencing an increase in the number of queries from members and gun-owners in the valley who are unsure about their rights w.r.t to existing Firearms legislation pertaining to the licencing of their firearms.
Below please find advice from Martin Hood of MJ Hood and Associates who specialise in Firearms Legislation.
This memorandum is intended to assist individuals who have expired firearm licences or who have firearm licences that are about to expire.
MJ Hood & Associates are of the view that the directive issued by the South African Police Services on the 3rd of February 2016 does not constitute law and the content of this Directive is incorrect and mala fide and therefore can be disregarded by licence Applicants who have had their licences expire.
Section 28 of the Act sets out the procedure to be adopted by the South African Police Services should they seek to cancel a licence. The South African Police Services have not adopted this procedure and instead are according to reports that we have received from numerous sources, resorting to threats of arrest, and prosecution, intimidation and harassment in an attempt to coerce people to hand in firearms to the South African Police Services for destruction.
There are a number of difficulties with this, most prominently is that we believe surrendering a firearm to the Police or as such forfeiting a firearm to the State will have a negative impact on any future licence applications because the South African Police Services might utilise this in future to refuse subsequent applications.
As such there are two categories of individuals who fall to have licences renewed, these are individuals who are still in possession of their Arms and Ammunitions Act licences i.e. Green Card licences or ID book licences and the second category is individuals who never had Green Card or ID book licences and were granted licences for the first time under the Firearms Control Act.
The first category of individuals have three options available to them insofar as late renewals are applicable.
1. Do nothing - your Green Card is still valid and regardless of the content of the SAPS Directive there is a Court order that says so and the Court Order trumps the Directive. Please contact our office should you require a copy of this Court Order.
2. Prepare a renewal application together with an application for condonation, setting out a reasonable and logical reason why your application is submitted out of time together with a motivation stating why you still need the firearm for self-defence. Your Police Station will in all likelihood refuse to accept this application, insist that they accept the application. If they refuse, leave the application on your DFO's desk, make a contemporaneous affidavit and have it commissioned to the effect that, on a certain date you applied or attempted to apply to lodge a renewal application with a condonation application and that the application was left with a Designated Firearms Officer (insert the details of said officer) and have this Affidavit commissioned and keep it with your records for future reference. This might well serve to protect you in future if the Police implement change yet again. Take a photograph of the placing of the application on the desk of your DFO.
3. Book the gun in with a dealer who is prepared to cancel your licence and will allow you to apply for a new firearm licence from scratch.
The latter category of people referred to above who do not have Old Act licences options are slightly more limited. They can either follow Option 2 above or Option 3 above. They unfortunately do not have the option to do nothing because they do not have a valid licence. In addition it is then advisable to book the gun in with a dealer in any event.
It is to be noted however that none of the options we refer to include handing your firearm to the Police. Should the Police adopt the procedure as set out in Section 28 of the Act and upon the making of representations they cancel your licence, this will be a different story.
Should you have any further queries kindly contact our offices or you can contact me directly at or email Martin Hood at
24 Jul 2015

HBNW Chair, Dennis Steggink, and Hout Bay CPF Chair, JJ de Villiers, sit down to a Massimo's Happy Valley Calzone, officially launching this exciting initiative, the brainchild of Massimo. For each yummy Happy Valley Cazone, stuffed with ham, mushrooms, mozzarella, feta, caramelised onions, cacio and avo Massimo's will donate R10 to HBNW. To book your table at Massimo's call 021 790 5648 or visit
HBNW are asking all local restaurants and small businesses to create a unique HAPPY VALLEY dish/product with a donation to HBNW. This can be anything from an exclusive HAPPY VALLEY drink, meal, candle, note book - anything at all. In return HBNW will support HAPPY VALLEY businesses via social media and promotion to its 3000+ members. Businesses wanting to be part of HAPPY VALLEY can contact >>
05 Jun 2015

Results from the recent Street Lighting Survey of HBNW members on the HBNW database, carried-out on behalf of Hout Bay Residents and Ratepayers Association. 
See the Table below:
“NO” = we do NOT want Street Lighting in our Area
“YES” = we DO want Street lighting in our Area
“Response” = % of HBNW Members who ‘replied’ to the this Survey ie.The Turn-Out.





























































































































25 Jun 2012

Victims of criminal incidents are affected in varying ways. Some handle their ordeal and move on, while others can be so traumatised that they need some help.  It may be that support is required immediately, or later when the reality of what has happened begins to set in.
Victim Support is a 24/7 service that is free of charge and available to all residents, in all communities, of Hout Bay and Llandudno.  A team of fully-trained volunteers is available on the roster-based programme to give, not only emotional support, but also information about the criminal justice system and procedures, victims’ rights and to offer practical assistance and referrals to other social agencies.
Victim Support is a 24/7 service that is free of charge and available to all residents, in all communities, of Hout Bay and Llandudno
Any family that is traumatised by a criminal incident should contact SAPS on 021 791 9300  and ask to be referred to Victim Support. 

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